Berkey water filter vs brita

What is better Berkey water filter vs Brita

Today we will talk about two popular companies in water filtration: Berkey and Brita. In this article we will try to show what is the difference between water filter of these two companies, what to choose berkey water filter vs brita. And who will be better for you Berkey vs Brita filters.

Berkey water filter vs brita

At this article you can find:

  1. Comparison of water filter
  2. What Contaminants can you reduce from tap water?
  3. Operating characteristics
  4. Models of filters and thier price
  5. Filters live and maintenance costs
  6. Customer Opinion and choose Berkey vs Brita.
  7. Pros and Cons Berkey vs Brita  

At first when you start to think about having pure and tasty water at your home, you might hear about these companies. Because names of Brita filter and berkey filters are one of the first at the shops.

Brita one is the most popular filter because of it is price. This mark also chose people who want to buy filter and don’t want to think about installation of special equipment. When you buy Brita water filter, that means you will have quick filtration system, fast and simple solutions of water filtration systems.

Very often Brita becomes first filtration system, because of it’s cheap price and big functionality in water cleaning. If you will never have water cleaning your should pay attention at Brita water filter models.

Berkey mark is rather same models and principle water filter. The main difference is the price, also this mark is more easy at maintenance.

If we are talking about Brita, we also know that it is portable water canister, not big and useful at the daily life, Berkey’s in general there are water filtration systems which are put at the wall and have the same filtration method, but they are more permanent and  made from more strong materials. Also this water filters will give you more water then small pitchers. 

As you see, there are not so many differences between Berkey water filters and Brita filters. Both of them are very popular and useful for water filtration. In this article we will show you information about both of them. Hope you will choose mark and model which are most useful and comfortable for you.

Quick summary Berkey vs Brita: Which one is the best?

Brita and Berkey will give you useful and good filters, Brita portable pitchers are more small and rather cheaper, what is a good solution for cosy apartments. But Berkey filters are good at reducing more contaminants, they are more strong, you don’t need more maintenance, and if you will see in long-term life plan of filter it will be cheaper.

It your main request to have fast and inexpensive water filter, you should choose Brita, it will be best solution for your needs.

However if the main purpose for filtration is to reduce contaminations and have clean water, and filter with big capacity, you should better choose Berkey.

Comparison of water filters

Brita water Filters

Berkey water filter vs brita

The Brita water filter is simple gravity-style filter, you need to wait about ten minutes and your pitcher will reduce contaminations and gives you pure water. Brita models are rather useful and popular that you can find design which will looks nice at your nice table. There are a lot of models and you can find the most modern or nice and cosy, whatever you want.

The filters use coconut shell activated carbon material, which has tiny pores that are designed to trap contaminants like chlorine and heavy metals using the process of adsorption. These filters are cheap solution for filtration water, also they are rather small and attach onto the inside of a Brita water pitcher. This is the good carbon filter for a lot of people.

Berkey Filters

Berkey water filter vs brita

When we start to talk about Berkey company, we know it’s product as Black Berkey elements, which attach to the inside of the system between the top and bottom water chambers. When water goes through fist part of filter to second, the first chamber is used like adsorption and microfiltration to reduce contaminants at the water, they attache to the filter and can’t goes through.

However price of Berkey’s filters is higher than Brita, but if we look at the long-term possibilities, we can see that they are living longer. Berkey filter is very good at reducing contamination, that’s why they are one of the best solution for water filtration at home.

What Contaminants can you reduce from tap water?

Filters of these two companies reduce a lot of amount of contaminations, such as metals: calcium, magnesium, also these filters remove chemicals, bacteria, viruses and another contaminations.

Before buying please check your water and names of your contaminations for better working of your water filter.

Operating characteristics

Brita water filters

Berkey water filter vs brita

If we will see Brita characteristics of water filter we will see very good performance and reducing contaminations, there are NFS certificates. Also this filter is easy in it’s installation, you don’t need special equipment, just buy and start to use for your tap water. Brita water filters have different design and ergonomic, they are made for make your using these comfortable and easy. 

As for time, you need to wait several minutes and water filter will give you full reservoir of drinking pure water. You need to replace Brita water filter 1 per two month. 

Also Brita has LongLast system which gives you more one hundred twenty gallons of filtered water.

Berkey water filter

Berkey water filter vs brita

Berkey filters are good at their long-term working life. Just imagine that your water filter lives 3 or 5 years. Also this filtration system reduces main contaminations from tap water. Just two and half hours and you will have more than 2 gallons of clean and pure water.

And if you already have filtration system, Berkey’s filters will help this to live longer. Because of it’s long life you will save more money than if you will change filters very 6 month.

Models of filters and thier price

Brita models

Berkey water filter vs brita

As we say Brita filters can be different, you can find what you need for your kitchen design or wherever budget do you have. Price of this filters are from twenty till forty five dollars. Not very expensive for useful and portable filter We choose interesting models at our opinion:

All of them you can find at market place and choose what do you like more. In case of size, price or design.

Berkey water filters

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Berkey filters are rather similar in it’s design, however they are different in it capacity. Also this depends of the price. You can find Berkey models from one hundred till four hundred dollars. Price will depends of numbers of water filters, from one till four. Also Berkey filters will give you different amount of drinking water. 

Please look at the list of our interesting models:

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All of them you can find at market and choose what do you like more.

Filters live and maintenance costs

One of important thing is maintenance of water filtration system.

Berkey water filter vs brita


Cheapest Brita’s water filters have not so long live, it is about one or two months, this is similar life as we have at portable water pitcher. Because of it’s not long life, price of these little bit more then 5 dollars, that’s why you can use them if you want to pay about forty dollars during the year and have tasty water every day.

Also you can choose longlast Brita system, it is life is about half a year, and price seventeen dollars. This filtration system is more useful because you need to replace that not so often and it will reduce more water contaminations.

Berkey filters

The Berkey water filter is more expensive, but the life of this is longer. Price of it’s can start from hundred dollars, and lifespan is more that 5 years. If you will see it at the long-term, you will find that it is better deal than buy new one every month.

Customer Opinion and choose Berkey vs Brita

If you will look at shops you will see that more often people choose Brita models. Of course the main reason is price and easy installation, you can buy filter and start to use without special equipment. Brita brand is the most useful and trusted when we start to talk about water filtration in the USA.

Brita water filter also have 4,7 marks at the review and more than 8,000 opinions. They are so popular because they have not only cheaper prices, and also they remove different types of contaminations in your water. You can choose Brita as alternative for bottled water 

Berkey also has high marks at orders. You can see 5 marks at different models of Berkey filters. 

People love them because of these capacity and performance. These filters can remove contaminations which no filters can, for example fluoride.

Also people like lifespan of Berkey filters. You can replace them once per year, what is rather comfortable at daily life. However sometimes you will found that customers don’t like taste of water after Berkey elements. We think that main reason of this that people don’t know what water they have, because contaminations can be different and that will depend what type of water filter do you have.

Pros and Cons Berkey vs Brita


Brita filters Pros
  • Price inexpensive for water filters
  • Certificates for removing main pollutions from tap water 
  • NSF certified
  • Nice and different design of water filter 
Brita filters Cons
  • Not big filters lifespans
  • Need to change water pitchers rather often


Berkey filters Pros
  • Long lifespan of water filter
  • Interesting and prime design
  • Reduce big amount of contaminations
  • Reduce fluoride
Berkey filters Cons
  • No NSF certification
  • Don’t have portable pitches as Brita has

What to buy Brita or Berkey?

In general answer which filter is better for you depends from a few reasons. The first and main in our opinion is the quality of the water. If you know what water do you have, it will be easy to understand what filter do you need. 

Berkey filters are good at their lifespan, not big amount of maintenance and big capacity for removing contaminations, Brita is good on its price, design and easy using. Also Brita is specialised at portable water filters.

If you want quick results with low price you should choose Brita, however if you need solution for long time using and prefer to have more amount of drinking water then you should choose Berkey filters.

Design is also one of the reason what to choose, is you prefer modern design and hi-tech technologies you should buy Brita, but if you want more premium design and strong models you should pay attention at Berkey.

Hope this guide help you to understand what is the difference between these two companies. And you will find filter which be useful for your request.

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