How does the pur water filter light work?

It’s no secret that clean water is a source of health and strength. Pur unit water is important, we cannot live without it. In this article we will tell you about such a useful device for drinking water as a light filter. We are sure that everyone will appreciate this pur water filter light.

How does the pur water filter light work?

What are devices like a light filter for?

The liquid entering houses and apartments contains a lot of foreign impurities. They get into it from the air, pipes, sources.

These include:

  • dangerous bacteria
  • microorganisms
  • harmful contaminants
  • stuck debris

In order to purify the liquid environment from them, chlorination was used everywhere before. But chlorine is a poisonous substance that can cause harm at high concentrations.

The pur water filter light, unlike the Cl-based method, effectively removes harmful components from the aqueous solution without harming humans, animals and the environment as a whole. Its application is relevant for H2O of any hardness.

The installation for disinfection of water with ultraviolet radiation helps to get rid of aggressive components that no other filter method can cope with.

Design features of UV filters for water purification

How does the pur water filter light work

Most pur water filter light have a similar design:

  • a special container with a lamp and two holes (input and output)
  • network adapter
  • filter with uv lamp

The pur water filter light in the tank is separated from the liquid medium by a special glass sleeve. The emitting element functions due to mercury vapor.

This substance is in the pur water filters in the form of small balls, which, evaporating, turn into fuel for the device.

Some models have sensors for notification and monitoring of the radiation level. They are complemented by a remote control.

The principle of operation of the filter with an ultraviolet lamp

Answering the question how does the pur water filter light work, also thinking about the question of the principle of work.


Filtration occurs due to the effect of ultraviolet rays on the aqueous solution. The lamp inside the installation produces energy. It works on a wave with a frequency of 245 nm, which is commonly called “bactericidal”.


The pur water filters does not affect the chemical composition of H2O, it eliminates only living microorganisms. By passing water through itself, the pur water filter light does not remove harmful components, but neutralizes them, making them safe.


Due to UV radiation, bacteria lose the ability to multiply, their vital activity stops. The pur water filter completely destroys their DNA. After such water treatment, the liquid can be consumed and used in everyday life without first being boiled.


UV water treatment is a highly effective assistant in the fight against a variety of pathogenic trace elements. This technique is several times superior to widespread chlorination, which has a negative impact on the health of humans and animals.

How does the pur water filter light work

In which cases are water filters with an ultraviolet lamp relevant

Water treatment equipment based on pur water filter is used for domestic and industrial purposes, as well as for agricultural needs.

So, many now use a liquid of well origin, which is only considered the purest. In fact, it often contains E. coli and other harmful microorganisms that are dangerous to health. In addition, the liquid medium from the well is constantly changing its composition.

After all, it is influenced by underground aquifers, rain, snowmelt, changes in the soil structure. Therefore, ultraviolet light is really necessary for cleaning.

It is not even necessary to talk about drinking from streams or lakes. Without pretreatment with pur water filter, it is very unsafe to use it. The same applies to central pur water filter .

Unfortunately, the H2O coming to our houses and apartments through pipes is also far from high quality indicators. The chlorine known to everyone is not able to cope with all microorganisms. Cryptosporidia, for example, are practically insensitive to it.

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How does the pur water filter light work

Advantages and disadvantages

The indisputable advantages of this water filter technique include:

  • the ability of UV rays to eliminate almost all known harmful bacteria;
  • reagents are not used in the process;
  • ultraviolet is completely safe compared to chlorination;
  • special maintenance is not required during operation;
  • after applying the UV water filter faucet system, there is no dirty liquid and debris left;
  • during operation, the device consumes a small amount of energy;
  • it does not affect the taste and aromatic qualities.

Of the minuses , it is worth specifying:

  • the devices eliminate only living microorganisms, foreign metal impurities and suspensions remain;
  • the unit heats the aqueous solution slightly;
  • when the power is cut off, the water filter system stops functioning;
  • the proper quality of the resulting drink is possible only after preliminary purification of the liquid medium from insoluble particles, if they are present, the efficiency of the device decreases.

Chapter FAQ

What do the lights mean on a PUR water filter?

Besides the question how does the pur water filter light work there is also a question about indicators. Or rather, what do they mean.

1) The first LED indicates the quality of the water flow. If this indicator light is red instantly light, it means that there are problems with filling the water. Close the front valve and the adapter valve, and then check the water filter light.

2) The third LED is the battery indicator. If it flashes red light indicator, it means that your battery is low and needs to be charged immediately.

If all three LED indicators are flickering red light, it means that you need to replace the cartridge within a month, and the batteries need to be charged immediately.
If the first LED flashes yellow light, it means that the cartridge can be in use for about 0-9 months or you have 3,740 liters of high-quality drinking water quality.
If the first and second LEDs are yellow light, it means that the water flow and your water filter are in excellent condition, which gives you the opportunity to use the cartridge for 10-11 months or 3,741-4,576 liters.

3) The second LED tells you about the service life of the pur filters cartridge. If the first LED is flickering yellow light and the second LED is red light, it means that you need to replace the cartridge within a month.

This is an indicator that your pur filter light has been used for 12 months or 4577-5 000 liters. Its color is green. When the green light blinking, some kind of failures begin. The pur filter indicator indicates the state of operation.

If two LED indicators are lit and a signal sounds, it means that your pur filter light needs to be replaced within a week, and your filter has been used for 11 months and 3 weeks, or has delivered 4,863 liters of clean water to you.

How does PUR water filter know when to replace?

When it’s time to change the pur filter light, the system itself informs you about it. But how does the system understand this?

Usually, many pur filter light of such a plan have a meter of liters of water, which is designed for the filter’s operation capabilities. As soon as the entire number of liters is used, the water supply entire system will show that it’s time to change the filter pitcher.

In other unique filtration equipment, when the water flow decreases, the filter uses an indicator to inform you that replacement is necessary. A decrease in dirty water flow indicates that the pur filter screen is dirty and cannot filter the full volumes.

How do I know if my PUR water filter is working?

Water pur filter are tested using tests that are regulated by the ASTM International and Japan Industrial Standards verification standards. But at home you can also check the filter’s performance.

To do this, you will need a new replace the filter cartridge and a methylene blue dye (you can buy it at a pet store).

Methylene blue is a substance that is used to disinfect aquariums, and it is also used to check filters according to ASTM. In structure, it is similar to pesticide molecules, from which the filter should purify water. It is a rich blue color, and it is clearly visible to the naked eye.

How does the pur water filter light work

How to conduct an experiment:

  • Insert a new cartridge into the new filter and prepare it for operation according to the instructions.
  • Prepare the solution. To do this, mix cold tap water with methylene blue. For half a bottle of 25 ml, you need 3 liters of water.
  • Pour the solution into the old filter. Before filtration, the filtered water will be a rich blue color.
  • Look at the color of the water after filtration. It should become transparent. If this has happened, your filter jug is working and reset the pur water. If not, it means that pesticides and toxins remain in the water filtration.

If you conduct such an experiment with faucet filter jug, the water will become transparent.

The cartridge detains harmful impurities, making the reset the pur water clean and safe for health (if the filter detains even small molecules of methylene blue, then rust and other larger particles will definitely not get into a glass of water).

Such an experiment is described in detail here.

How do water filter indicators work?

It works like this:

1) Each time water is poured from the filter jug, the indicator lights up

2) As long as it’s flash green light indicator, everything is in perfect order. The resource of the cassette is more than 15%. Also, the light turns green indicator the stable operation of the entire filter housing.

Turn green light is an indicator of good work. As soon as the turn green light disappears, you need to contact a specialist or find a problem. As soon as the problem is fixed, the light indicator turns green.

3) It starts to show yellow light starts pur water filter lights flash, so the resource is less than 15%, enough for about a week.

4) Red pur filter light — there is no water. It’s time to replace the cassette.


Avoid consuming contaminated water. Filter replacement if necessary. The light indicator will tell you when you need to replace the filter. It is dangerous to consume contaminated water, make sure to install a new filter replaced.

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