How to change samsung water filter

Samsung refrigerators are equipped with water filters for cleaning or deodorizing water. When the usage limit is reached for each water filter, a red indicator lights up, informing you that filters need to be replaced. Read the instructions below for replacing the water filter.

How to change samsung water filter

To reset the water filter indicator, you need to replace the filter and reset the function on the control panel. Depending on the model, the indicator can be green or blue.

How to change samsung water filter


The actual design of the display may vary depending on the model. This image is provided as an example in English, but it is also available in the language of your country.

How do I change the water filter in my Samsung refrigerator?

Find where the Click to Expand water filter is located Replacing the water purification filter To always get clean water or ice for household consumption, it is recommended to change the filter as soon as the filter replacement indicator appears on the display panel.

After replacing the water filter, it is recommended to drain at least 500 ml of water before using it.

How to change samsung water filter

When replacing the water filter, you must first close the water supply valve.

After completing the replacement, make sure that this valve is open again.

Step 1

Press and hold the “Ice Type/Filter Change” button on the control panel for 3 seconds to reset the water filter parameters.

Step 2

Open the water filter cover and turn the water filter counterclockwise. Remove the filter from the housing.

Step 3

Insert the new water filter into the housing and turn it clockwise until it locks.

Resetting the water filter indicator after replacement After replacing the water filter, the replacement cycle must be reset again by pressing and holding the alert button for 3 seconds. When reset, the color of the water filter indicator changes from red to green (or the Replace Filter label will disappear).

Can you change Samsung water filter without turning off water?

The answer to this question is immediately “no”. We recommend that you, as a safety net, always turn off the water filter any actions that are related to the replacement of filters / pipes and other similar things, because in the future, if a person acts incorrectly, a flood may occur. To avoid this, shut off the water.

Thus, you will ensure the safety of yourself and your apartment. The water that comes through the pipes to the filter may remain there even after the water is blocked, so it will first need to be carefully drained. Make sure that water shut or water quality.

How do you change the water filter on a Samsung side-by-side refrigerators?

A samsung water filter is a small filter element that is necessarily present in a samsung refrigerator equipped with an ice generator function. As a rule, such a system is found in the most modern models of samsung refrigerator units of the Side-by-side series. The average resource of the samsung water filters is about 2000 liters, after which the consumable element must be replaced.

Many people like to add ice cubes to drinks. To do this, the water can be quickly and easily frozen in the samsung refrigerator. To do this, an ice maker with a special samsung water filter must be installed in the equipment. It cleans running water from chlorine, lead and other impurities.

Additionally, it protects the samsung refrigerator filter itself from clogging, thereby extending its service life. The device can be both external and internal. By default, it is installed in Side by Side models. Requires periodic replacement. On average, the device is enough to clean 1500 liters of water.

The following companies are engaged in the production of these devices:

  • Liebherr,
  • Whirlpool,
  • Bosch,
  • Samsung,
  • Ariston,
  • Lg.

Today, it will not be difficult to buy a water filter for a Samsung refrigerator or any other manufacturer. You can order it separately in specialized stores.

It changes according to the following principle:

Step 1

Press and hold the “Ice Type/Filter Change” button on the control panel for 3 seconds to reset the water filter parameters.

Step 2

Open the water filter cover and turn the water filter counterclockwise. Remove the filter from the housing.

Step 3

Insert the new water filter into the housing and turn it clockwise until it locks.

How do you change the water filter on a Samsung American Fridge Freezer?

The high-quality operation of the samsung refrigerator is considered to be the state when it does not freeze, keeps the temperature regime stable and generally works quietly. If any deviation is noticed, it may indicate that some part is out of order.

Let’s consider the most specific malfunctions of the samsung refrigerator.

  1. The appearance of ice in the freezer indicates that the replacement of the sealing rubber on the door is required. Another reason may be a poorly closed door, which leads to an increase in frost.
  2. Often the compressor breaks down due to the fault of the owner. For example, if you turn on the quick defrost function, and then do not turn it off, then the compressor, which is constantly loaded, may break.
  3. Replacement of the thermostat – will be required if the temperature regime does not keep within the normal range.

To do the work according to all the rules and achieve the desired result, you need to follow a certain procedure. Of course, every refrigerator model with sufficient experience knows this very well.

The whole procedure may take several hours, and the replacement of the old filter in the refrigerator model price will depend on the model of the appliance and the degree of damage.

First you need to deploy the samsung refrigerator water with the back side.

How to change samsung water filter

Find the location of the water filter dryer and solder it off with a burner.

Carefully clean the places where the samsung water filter was soldered, remove the roughness and degrease.

We solder a new original or samsung water filters, observing the soldering technology and symmetry.

Next, the cooling system needs to be vacuumed and purged using special professional equipment (purging occurs under pressure).

The penultimate stage is the refueling of freon.

After that, we check whether there is enough gas in the system, for this we pay attention to the weight or the pressure level.

We seal the cooling system and start the fridge model in test mode.

Video replacement of the change the water filter light in the refrigerator.

Please note that during operation, it may be necessary not only to replace the water filter of the Atlant price refrigerator dryer, but also to replace the capillary tube if microcracks, damage or corrosion are detected during purging. Otherwise, the refrigerator will not produce cold and the “symptoms” will not disappear.

The odor absorber perfectly copes with extraneous unpleasant odors that are absorbed into the filter filler and held there for the duration of the entire period of use. Activated carbon is used as a filler, which is also an excellent absorbent and partially absorbs excess moisture inside the chambers.

Antibacterial new filter — prolong the life of products

The filter-absorber of unpleasant odors is a very useful development.

The air passing through the filter element is purified from various microorganisms that cause rapid spoilage of products.

According to the manufacturer, the antibacterial filter perfectly protects products stored in the samsung refrigerator from rod-shaped bacteria, staphylococcal bacteria, salmonella, etc.

The service life of the odor absorber filter is 6 months, after which it must be replaced. If this is not done, the bacteria accumulated in the samsung fridge filters can become a source of contamination of products. The replacement process itself does not present any difficulties — it is enough to remove the old filter and install a new filter one in its place.

Signs of filter malfunction

If, when the refrigerator is turned on, the evaporator does not cool enough or remains warm at all (setting a lower temperature using a thermostat does not help), if the compressor overheats, then one of the reasons may be the failure of the correct filter lid. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that other system malfunctions may also appear.

How often do I need to change the new filter?

It is important to remember that despite the powerful cleaning system, the samsung filter housing needs to be replaced every 4 months. This is due to the fact that a constant and continuous flow of water passes through the samsung fridge filter, thereby leaving there sediment, bacteria and all other unnecessary and harmful elements for the human body.

As a rule, in order to protect yourself in this situation, you need to change the external filters every three months. It is possible earlier, especially if you have very bad running water, but obviously not later. Otherwise, it leads to a violation of filtration, breakdown of the refrigerator or the entire filtration system.

How to reset water filter on Samsung fridge

During these three months, the filter will absorb all the bacteria that can be harmful to our body. That is why we advise you not to save on correct filter light and not to clean it, but to change it immediately, because there is no guarantee that you will be able to clean it completely, without bacteria, there are still risks.

Therefore, do not save money, but simply change the inline filter. You can do this yourself, or ask for help from specialized people.

General about samsung refrigerator water filter

Samsung refrigerator is a frequent choice of buyers when it comes to functional, high—quality and durable appliances. Considering that the country of origin is Korea, the equipment really justifies the promises and recognition of buyers declared by the manufacturer.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung refrigerating appliances. You will also find a rating of popular household models with characteristics, prices and user reviews. They are’ve got one best place – water supply.

Many people love this refrigerator because of the French door model.

How to change samsung water filter


The samsung refrigerator has the greatest demand on the market at the moment, which is why there are so many questions now related to the operation of itself and its parts. Such as, for example, replacing old filter.

Summing up this article, I would like to remind you that in order to keep food fresh and clean in the refrigerator, you need to regularly clean and clean, but this applies not only to external parts, but also internal ones.

Once every three months, call a person who will change all the filters for you, or do it yourself. Do not skimp on your own health. Cleaning the filter does not guarantee your safety. Water can bring with it a lot of harmful microorganisms that will have a bad effect on your health and the freshness of products.

This is where the filter helps, it detains all unwanted aquatic inhabitants.

Samsung internal filters have long established themselves on the market as a high-quality product, so if you follow all the instructions that you read in this article, you can easily change the filter installed yourself.

You can also find out more information on the official Samsung website.

We hope that our article was useful to you.

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