How to change water softener filter?

Why do you need a water softener?

A water softener removes various, not very good particles from hard water, such as calcium and magnesium, as well as all sorts of mineral compounds, leading to the formation of limescale on pipes and other water heaters.

A water softener is essential in our home to eliminate hard water, which leads to many problems.

How to change water softener filter
How to change water softener filter?

To soften water, a saline solution is used to exchange between the salt and the hardness minerals found in the water in your home.

How to quickly replace the water softener filter?

Change the filter every three months to keep the device doing its job effectively.

What you may need:

  1. Prefilter wrench. This is a special device that unscrews the filter housing sump where the filter cartridge is located. This is the first tool you will need when replacing your water softener filter. After use, you can manually rotate the filter housing sump to remove it from the system.
  2. Replacement whole house water filter. Your decision to fix everything with your own hands will not work without a new filter. Be sure to insert it into the filter housing after removing the old filter. You will most likely hear a click when it snaps into place, indicating that it is firmly in place.
  3. Spacious capacity. For any replacement of the system, remember to take a bucket with you so that you can collect the water flowing out of the filter inside after it has been disconnected from the system. A lot of water spillage will flow through the old filter, so it is important to put a container under it so that water does not get on the floor.
  4. Silicone sealant. This lube is optional, all is well with your o-ring.If the filter housing seal or O-ring does not hold well, you can add some silicone adhesive to improve a strong seal on the filter walls. Now it won’t come off easily when you put it back into the case cover.Silicone sealants have good resistance to chemicals, weathering and fumes compared to other adhesives.
  5. Another o-ring. Often sellers advise changing o-rings once a year because they often break. It’s best to have a backup if your o-ring has cuts, gouges, or pits that could lead to leaks.

The following steps will help you replace the water filter throughout your home.

When you see changes in the water quality in your home, it’s time to put in a new water softening system. This indicates that your water softener filter is clogged with hard minerals.

Step 1

How to change water softener filter

Shut off the water supply to the main water supply. Press the red (or black) button to release pressure. This button is easy to find, except for it there are no more buttons on the water filter housing. Do this carefully, as the pressure will force the water out.

If you open one of your home’s faucets, excess water will drain within 5-10 minutes. This will eliminate problems in the piping when changing the water filter.

Step 2

How to change water softener filter

Place a bucket at the bottom of the water filter to collect water escaping after disconnecting from the system. There will be a lot of water, and it is better that it does not spill onto the parquet.

Step 3

How to change water softener filter

Tidy up the filter housing. Take the special filter wrench and place it around the filter to remove it from the cover. Turn the key clockwise to completely disconnect it, but use it carefully because it will be filled with water.

At the same time, do not lose the sealing ring, which is located on the inner edge of the canister.

Step 4

How to change water softener filter

Remove the water from the bucket, remove the faulty filter cartridge from the housing and dispose of it properly.

Inspect the body and remove dirt from it.

Then wash the filter housing with warm water, dishwashing detergent and a cloth. Use bleach to rust remover. Do everything carefully so as not to damage the body. After all the steps, rinse it well several times and let it dry.

Step 5

Look at the o-ring, located on the inner lip of canister, to see if it is properly secured. Take silicone grease and apply around the groove if it is loose. If you notice that the o-ring is damaged, buy a new one before using the lubricant.

Reinstall the ring.

Step 6

Now the most important thing is to properly install the filter over the water filter cartridge. Remember that the filter must be placed in the center of the riser.

If you hear a click, then the filter is installed correctly. Rotate the water filter counterclockwise to reattach it to your system.

Step 7

You need to turn on the water supply, carefully turn the input switch to the “on” position, otherwise the water may give a strong pressure, and ruin the entire unit.

Click on the red lever again. This is how you check the pressure. Most likely you will have to get wet, as the water will splash. But you can stop the flow of water to do this, wrap the device halfway with a cloth before releasing the pressure.

The water should be clear if the whole house water filter is successfully replaced.

Important Replacement Tips whole house water filter.

  • Open the taps and let the water flow without using it for 5-10 minutes. This is to help wash away the dirt. When replacing the filter cartridge, most likely, residual water dirt got into it.
  • Do a water test if you feel anything out of the ordinary in your water supply.
  • Maintaining a water filters is easier than most people think. You can always read the instruction manual for your water filters. An important cause of damage to the water system is poor maintenance.
  • The cost of replacing a water system will be calculated based on the size of your home, the type of device, and the space on site. On average, the replacement water softeners price is from 30 to 200 dollars.

How Often Should You Change Your Water Softener?

The service life of some filters is from 1 to 6 months. Sediment filters have a shorter service life. Post-filters will last 9 months or more, while carbon filters last the longest (14-15 months).

If your filter is defective, you will smell or taste bad in your water or food. The water pressure will also change.

Basically, the pre-filter is offered together with the water softening system. They are designed to condition your water. Now you have high-quality water flowing in the tap, as well as soft, clean and without residual sediment.

Installing a new whole house filtration is a great idea as it helps improve water quality and performance.

If your cartridge needs to be replaced, installing a new water filter is a great idea as it helps improve water quality and performance. If your cartridge needs to be replaced, you will feel symptoms such as like weak water flow, bad taste, etc.

How to change water softener filter

Salt water softener or salt-free softener?

Signs of bad water can be softened with salt-free softeners, the hardness-causing minerals are not really removed. Salt-free softeners charge minerals with electricity, turning them into crystals that cannot bond to surfaces.

Salt softeners are slightly more expensive and need frequent maintenance. than salt-free water softeners. But salt-free softeners don’t remove hard minerals from your water, which means they aren’t as effective.

Features of a salt softener

With the new filter, you’ll enjoy mineral-free water, which means softer laundry, beautiful hair and softer skin, and less stress on your appliances. In addition, they consume little electricity, about as much as a digital alarm clock.

What kind of salt is used in the whole house filtration system?

Not all devices use the same salt. Consider whether you need block salt or granules.

Don’t buy the cheapest salt you can find! Generally, the higher the quality, the better the water. It all depends on the hardness of your water, you may need a higher quality salt.

Can I drink water from the water softener?

Yes, soft water is safe to drink. But chances are you need to further purify the water to make it safe to drink.

Can you cook with soft water?

The use of soft water in cooking ensures that the taste of your food is free of minerals. And all products remain the same delicious.

How to change water softener filter


Routine maintenance a water filter throughout your home is easy and reduces waterborne diseases. Health improves when we drink and bathe in clean water.

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