How to clean pur water filter

Can I clean my PUR water filter? How to clean pur water filter

Not every water filter faucet mount of rough cleaning of warm water can be rinsed, no matter how much you want, and in some cases it is simply replaced with a new part.

You can clean metal and plastic products that are part of the overall cleaning system.

How to clean pur water filter

Aragon pur faucet filter and jug consumables can also be cleaned. But these varieties, operating in warm water conditions, need to be replaced:

  • polypropylene (fibers);
  • coal;
  • membrane (belonging to the household reverse osmosis system).

With 50-50 ion exchange pur faucet filter, those belonging to the Fe series also need to be replaced after the end of their service life.

Cartridges based on ion exchange resin are regenerated with a solution of table salt (10%).

The procedure for washing the coarse water purification system regardless of the type of filter elements, the general preparation is as follows:

  1. The first step is to shut off the supply of cold and hot water by turning both valves. They are usually located in the bathroom.
  2. Open the water filter faucet mount make sure there is no water.

Prepare the tools:

  • adjustable wrench/gas/pipe/swedish;
  • pliers;
  • a bucket is a saucepan or some other large capacity. Now you can proceed directly to the procedure.

Cartridge products

The right approach to cleaning faucet filter elements will extend the service life of all equipment and save money on buying new water filter faucet mount.

How to clean the carbon filter?

Externally, the system is represented by a jug for clean water. At the same time, it is the threads that are most effective due to the retention of large debris at maximum throughput.

How to clean pur water filter

The cleaning algorithm itself:


After the overlap of cold and warm water, a bucket or other container is placed under the filter to drain excess liquid.


The clamping nut is unscrewed with a suitable key and the bulb is removed.


The pur faucet mount filter unit is well washed with running water under strong water pressure. To increase efficiency, the element is installed vertically on the bottom of the bathroom, and strong pressure is applied from the hose inside the cartridge.


For a better cleaning, you can use a soft bristled brush. Then debris removal will be more efficient. Together with the reverse flow , solid hard particles dirt will come out .


Instead of a bathroom, you can use another container of the appropriate size. The cleaned filter is suitable for reuse.


A clean cold pur filter returns to its original place, after which the assembly is performed in reverse order.


Not all pur filters can be reused – only winding options. The other type is subject to replacement, and this should be taken care of in advance.

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Mechanical elements

Usually, a metal or polymer mesh is used for rough cleaning of cold and warm water, and based on the size of the cells, it is able to delay contamination of various sizes.

For cleaning, you need access to the sump outlet:

  • To begin with, the supply of cold and warm water is also blocked.
  • Next, it is necessary to unscrew the tap on the sump with a wrench. In case of difficulty of access, you can use a car candle key.
  • If the lid is “stuck”, engine oil will help, which must be filled with a syringe between the lid and the tap.

Cleaning the water filter faucet mount implies another step – to immediately check the technical condition of the sealing part of the lid. In the case when it has already become very thin, it necessarily requires replacement. Otherwise, there is no way to avoid leakage, which will bring additional hassle.

How to clean pur water filter

When the lid has yielded, the mesh filter element is removed. It is also washed under strong water pressure for efficiency. If silt or other hard-to-clean contamination is detected, then it can be removed from this coarse water filter with an old toothbrush with stiff bristles.

Instead of a gasket, you can use a FUM tape or wind tow.

After flushing the water filter faucet mount, it remains to assemble everything in reverse order.

That is, first the washed part is placed in the sump, then the gasket follows and the cleaner is placed in the outlet.

At the final stage, the lid is screwed with a key.

Next, the hot or cold water filtration system is ready for operation.

Some housewives recommend soap for washing dishes (warm soapy water), a mild dish soap (mild detergent) , a vinegar and pur water dispenser solution as cleaning products (it is better to take white vinegar).

How do you deep clean a water filter?

The water filter periodically needs to be changed or cleaned together with the mixer for the pur water filter faucet. Above we have already given examples of how to clean filters.

But the question often arises, how deep should the filter be cleaned? In all Internet sources, you can find completely different data on this question.

The filtration unit should be cleaned to the depth to which it is contaminated.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to do this, so we advise you to do it as much as the soft tactics of the filter allows.

It is better not to touch the filtering solid part directly.

Regular cleaning is simply necessary to get pure water.

When deep cleaning, it is very important to try not to damage the filter, otherwise you will have to prematurely install a new cartridge.

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How do you clean a pur water filter spigot?

The water pipe is part of the filtration system, which is clogged least of all. But there is still accumulating dirt, sediment, debris, and other debris. To remove the filter, then dirt from the nozzle, you need to do the following:

  1. We block the inlet taps (and flexible water supply hoses can be installed on any running water).
  2. Next, unscrew the hose completely (someone else recommends removing the filter, but this is at your discretion) (you may have to remove the pur water filter faucet)
  3. Next, we drain, if there is, the remains of tap water and with the help of a wire, or a thing similar to it, we begin to push out dirt and sediment.
  4. After the dirt has been cleaned, it is necessary to rinse the hose cavity under the fast flow rate. It is best to run hot water for this.
  5. After you have made sure that the hose is clean pur, we install it in place and check whether everything is working properly.

This process is very important, as is any cleaning of the water filter.

We also advise you not to forget to clean a pur the faucet , because this also affects the purity of drinking water. And the purity of the water affects the family’s health, so change the old filter in time.

How do you soak a pur water filter?

Many plumbers recommend soak filters for better cleaning. To do this, we first need to remove the faucet filter, separate the filter housing from the rest of the structure.

Clean pur water is poured into any container, you can add detergents, or soapy water, then a filter is placed there for a while. While you’re waiting, you can wash the faucet. This method has several benefits, the main one of which is that you do not waste a lot of energy, the dirt will dissolve itself.

Thus, after installing the faucet, we will get filtered water, clean water that is suitable even for use in baby food. Water quality largely depends on the correct cleaning process.


A conventional pur filter, as a rule, is not installed in an easily accessible place. Therefore, preventive cleaning is difficult. Moreover, its design is designed in such a way as not to let dirt through, even when it is completely clogged. And the degree of clogging is often determined by reducing the intensity of water supply from the mixer.

However, models that provide pressure cleaning (water pressure when the valve is opened), or cassette samples, the manufacturer recommends cleaning at least once every six months. But such instances often have a transparent case, which contributes to the visual determination of the degree of “clogging” of the filter.

Do I need to clean something other than the filter?

Of course, the entire filtration system needs constant cleaning. We have already sorted out how to clean pur water filter, but we remember about the faucet filter, the pur water filter faucet, the pur water filter pitcher, the filter housing, pur faucet, filter unit The water flow for the purification process will be large, but as a result we will get good clean pur drinking water.

How do I understand that the filter needs to be changed?

We have already considered the issue: “How to clean pur water filter” Unfortunately, it will not always be possible to rinse the filter, soak it in a vinegar solution. Sooner or later you will have to throw out the old water filter.

So how do you know when it’s time to change the filter?

Usually the expiration date is indicated on the product passport, an easy calculation can be calculated when it is necessary to change the filter. But sometimes there are cases in which the filter needs to be replaced prematurely.

The first signals that it’s time to change the filter will be:

  • the water will taste different,
  • there may be a less weak flow,
  • the water will have a different color,
  • and sometimes even sediment.

Cleaning your pur water purification may stop altogether in this case.

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Why do I need to purify the water?

Although tap water in cities passes through water treatment plants, where it is treated and disinfected with chlorine, this, however, does not guarantee its quality at the outlet. In most stations, the equipment is worn out and obsolete. In addition to this, metal water pipes have long been rusted, so that even well-purified water, entering the water supply, becomes unusable.

Chlorination is also fraught with a serious catch. As a result of the interaction of chlorine with organic matter contained in water, organochlorine compounds are formed, some of which have toxic and carcinogenic properties.

The concentration of such substances in water is usually small, but they can accumulate in the tissues of the body. Another negative factor is the negative environmental situation, constantly aggravated by sewage, industrial emissions and expanding toxic landfills.

There are about 4,000 impurities that pur water filter faucet can contain. According to Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Y.Rachmaninoff, more than half of Russians are forced to use drinking water, the legal requirements for which are minimal from the point of view of safety, and differ significantly from the established standards for bottled water.

Pur water dispenser purification with the help of high-quality filters allows you to remove from it impurities of chlorine, salts, heavy metals and other undesirable substances, as well as bacteria. There are several types of home water new filters.

How can I clean the filter?

To wash the pur water filters or clean it, dish soap or vinegar is usually used. But do not forget that these two tools are also perfect for cleaning the screen, flash, filter canister, pur water pitcher, pur faucet.


I hope we were able to answer your main question: “How to clean pur water filter”. In the modern world, it is very important to drink clean, clean water in order to maintain health, so it is so necessary to use clean pur water filter. Faucet mounted pur filter also will help you avoid plaque on the dishes.

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