How to clean water filter?

“Water has no enemy” – this expression can prove the fact that you could be alive without eating for several weeks since human organism will adapt and get energy through previously stored protein and fat.

But if people don’t drink water for some time, finally they would die, indeed. In short words, water is life undoubtedly.

So, when you analyze human anatomy, you have got the conception that totally, your bone structure consists of solid elements and notice that a quarter of human bones is made of water it is a myth. Anyway, you may hear that about 80% of the body is water.

How to clean water filter
How to clean water filter?

Usually, people need about 2.5 liters of water per day to be fresh and healthy and that’s why it will not surprise that we like so drinking water which should be tasteless, colorless, and inodorous of course.

Because of it, we use a water filter that allows us to drink safely, removing impurities. Generally, it provides proper water consumption.

Well, in our article we will ask such questions like “How do I clean a water filter?” or “Do water filters need to be cleaned?” We will try to do it in short and simple words. Therefore there is no reason to worry as the article contains total and useful information.

Without further parley, go on to view the below one.

Firstly, you should understand how to clean water filter as it depends on what kind of device consumers use. For example, we can clean sediment filters and that’s why it will restore the performance of filtration but other models can’t suit this action.

Besides it, consumers need to consider if the cleaning process is actually reasonable since it will take your time and money. Generally, it costs about 40 dollars totally to replace a water filter.

However, sometimes water cleaning doesn’t help to expel all caught contaminants, and therefore in this case you just need to replace the old water filter to a new one. Also, people can use household bleach as the process of disinfection although it doesn’t give full insurance that all germs and bacteria, fungus, and so on will not accumulate in the water filter.

Summarizing this part of the article we need to note that all methods of cleaning and filtration should be suitable to standards and also used by a new cartridge. Let’s go further!

How to clean water filter? Various Types of Water Filters

We notice four models of water filters that consumers could clean:

  1. Filters of sediment type
  2. Filters of carbon type
  3. Membrane filters of reverse osmosis type
  4. Filters of refrigerator type

Sediment Filters

This type of water filter is usually set up by consumers at the space where their water supply incomes their home. Also, the device is typically used as a pre-filter system in a whole large water supply.


People will need to follow the item to wash a sediment water filter:

  • A usual 1-gallon bail
  • Tap water
  • Muriatic acid or oxalic acid

So, let’s follow below information:

Step 1

Put away the sediment filter from the system. Then simply lay the o-ring in a safe place.

Step 2

Now you need to mix the acid with plain tap water. Just use this instruction as written on the package.

Step 3

Then wash the filter framing and set it to the side.

Step 4

Wash the cartridge for some time using cold water and wait while the water filter becomes cleaner and the water would run pure.

Step 5

Then set the water filter back into the housing and stay it be soaked in the solution of the acid for up 15-20 minutes.

Step 6

Put the water filter and framing away from the bucket and wash them carefully under the water to expel the acid. Then make the filter to be dried and attach the o-ring to the item and place the filter in a slot of the housing of the system of filtration.

Step 7

And finally, use two tablespoons of baking soda to neutralize the acid water – it is necessary to make it until you will pour it.

Carbon Block Filters

Such filters are based on activated carbon made from charcoal and consumers use them to absorb chemicals that affect smell and taste. That’s why it is very important to know how to clean water filter.

How to clean water filter

As for instruments to clean a water filter, please use follow items:

  • Usual garden hose
  • Typical knife
  • A hard brush
  • Warm water – 1/2 gallon
  • Spirit vinegar – 1/2 gallon
  • A bucket of medium size
  • Nylon cord

Below you can find detailed information to clean the filter:

  1. Delete the net from the outside layer of the filter cartridge of activated carbon type – you should cut the perimeter of the item with a knife carefully.
  2. Then remove the net and slit the layer of the paper inside the cartridge. You should make about 1/2 inch of paper to be stuck to the core of the cartridge. It is important to roll the paper back when you will finish cleaning.
  3. Carefully take the paper to rind it back and wash it and the core with a garden hose.
  4. Add 1/2 gallon of warm water to the same size of the spirit vinegar. Then put a scrub brush in the made acid solution and begin to scrub both sides of the layer.
  5. Leave the filter soak in the mixture for up to 1 hour. After that start to wash the filter housing in warm water.
  6. Take away the item from the filter soak and rinse the filter in cool water. Then roll the layer back of carbon filters and make it in place with a nylon cord.
  7. And finally, dry the carbon filter and install it again into the filtration system and its carbon media. Don’t forget to put the dirty remains in trash can. So, you will get cleaning water filters.

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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filters

Experts consider that a reverse osmosis membrane filter is a key component in a reverse osmosis system. Such type of filtration entity catches almost all quantities of impurities and the period of performance is up to 24 months.

How to clean water filter

People will need to follow instruments to wash the membrane and increase the filtration speed:

  • Thin spanner for reverse osmosis filters
  • Cleaning agent of RO membrane
  • Metal brush
  • Warm soapy water

Follow the below instruction:

  • Take off the membrane framing of old filter from the system and open it using the spanner. Notice that such type of filter usually is set up at the water line that’s why in this case you have to divert water off from the entity.
  • Let the water leak from the housing and then delete the membrane itself.
  • Then you need to use a special cleaning agent for the reverse osmosis entity. Just follow the information been at the cleaner.

Also, use a metal brush to wash the framing of the membrane with warm water and dish soap. You can also use water dispenser.

  • Then consumers should rinse the housing and the membrane very carefully. After that connect them again together and place them in the RO entity.
  • By the way, there can be other filters of reverse osmosis devices that we should clean at this moment.

Refrigerator water filter

Cleaning the fridge water filter is necessary action to provide the durability of the refrigerator.

You should use the special release button that is located at the back and top of the fridge. To start the process of cleaning, turn the button to the left and put away the fridge filter from the item.

How to clean water filter

Water the filter both in soap or vinegar after you remove the total grime from the filter.

Put it out of the mixture of the solution later 15 minutes and stay the filter air dry.

And in the last one set the filter in its framing when you ensure that all components are secure.

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Pitcher filter

Consumers need to follow the instructions when they want to clean the filter properly:

How to clean water filter
  • First of all, remove the filter from the pitcher, and also, delete the water. Finally, disconnect the cover from the reservoir.
  • Clean the parts of the item with hot water and dish soap.
  • Then you need to create a mixture from one teaspoon of vinegar and a cup of hot water.
  • Now set the filter into the solution and leave it to soak for 1 hour.
  • And finally, make the filter dry setting it on a dish towel.
  • Install it again.

Unclogging a PUR Filter

Such type of a filter tends to clog. The reason can be an obstruction in the system. Also, it could be an air pocket in the item.

Therefore you should know how to do it properly. In this case, we advise you to hold the cartridge inverted and then shake the item for several seconds. So, tap it 2-3 times to escape air pockets.

How to clean water filter

We also tell you to use a faucet sprayer if there is some hurdle in the system of filtration. It allows removing the dirt from the item.

More advice about Pur filter cleaning

Firstly, you don’t need complicated equipment to clean a dispenser. You should use follow:

  • Tray for pouring, cover, handwash pitcher, and soap water with the disposable filter.
  • Then people need to rinse it deeply and dry it with a cloth.
  • Later install the filter again into the tray and push slightly to fix it in place.

Cleaning a Brita Filter

This is a popular brand of filtration system since it saves money and also people can have the possibility not to buy bottled water. The most important thing is that consumers just replace Brita water filter cartridges with granular activated carbon so there is no need to change all systems.

How to clean water filter

People will need to follow the instruments to change the filter:

  1. Original cartridge
  2. Tap water
  3. Drill or knife
  4. Piece of rubber

You should follow these stages:

Do a notch of 1/2 – an inch size in the middle of the cartridge. For this aim use drill or knife.

  1. Put the filter over the trash to remove all dirt particles.
  2. Then wash the cartridge with clean water to delete any remained carbon things.
  3. Leave the item to air dry and after that put the new carbon filter into the system. To avoid spillage, take a simple funnel.
  4. Push the cartridge to keep in place the media and later close the hole with a rubber piece.
  5. And finally set up the cartridge again in the system and make standard stages to flush the item before utilizing it.

Is it Safe to Clean a Water Filter?

It depends on what type of water filters consumers use that’s why some of them can’t.

For instance, filters of sediment type contain synthetic fibers and which means they safety to clean but other filtration systems are done with paper not to clean. It ends up breaking the filter, letting dirt particles go inside.

How to clean water filter

Apart from it, you should safe cleaning agents since they also affect the proper and safe performance of the system. Therefore experts advise using natural ingredients to wash the filter but not chemicals.

Just notice that a filtration entity should be used to clean the water you drink and that’s why treat it with safe products that are not featured with bad nasty effects.


How do you clean a water filter?

It is easy as we are about type of the filter, water quality, water pressure and whole cleaning process. Just study our article and you will see how to escape harmful contaminants in your water water line.

Do water filters need to be cleaned?

Frankly speaking it also depends on the model of the filter. If it is refrigerator one, simply research fridge water supply. In this case you need to use cold water for flushing item. Half a gallon is enough, indeed.

Sometimes it is easy to buy filter cartridge than clean it. So, filter element or modular filters can become the best choice for consumers. You also could use mechanical cleaning by plain water without harmful chemicals or chemical cleaners. Typical clean water may help you in this case.

How do you deep clean a water filter?

How to open water filter without wrench?

Most filters can be cleaned for about an hour with bottle brush and clean water and often it is enough to be done clear. Don’t forget to rinse carefully. Clean your water filter as often as possible. Try not to use fragrance free bleach, acid mixture or vinegar solution. We are sure that such filtered water will satisfy you.

Can you clean filters and reuse them?

Yes! It is possible that’s why just lead the above recommendations regarding cleaning the filters and you can restore filtration speed in the system.

Is Cleaning A Water Filter Worth It?

How to clean water filter?

Sometimes water filters can increase their time of performance so then the cleaning is worth it of course.

However, it is rather better and easier to spend about 40 dollars a year than trying to clean the filter to prolong its life work.
Frankly speaking, it is your choice what you prefer – money or time that’s why you should select the proper answer.

Can water filters make you sick?

Yes. This case begins to grow if consumers don’t replace a water filter in time. See the instructions given by the manufacturer to avoid slipping various bacteria into the system. And it could cause health problems like diarrhea therefore even if you wash the water filter it does not delete the arising of the germs in a used filter.

When you don’t flush the water filter what happens?


Specialists notice that consumers need to flush filters before using them to avoid any remained carbon particles that can be left during shipping and storage. Otherwise, people can see black spots in water and the water may smell nasty because of it.

Generally, it is safe to get water from an unflushed filter but we recommend flushing it to take delicious water.

Clean Only If It is really necessary

Consumers should wash used water filter only when it makes sense since it helps you to save money and time. Also, this action is an ecological measure than a usual replacement.

We hope that the above information gives you useful thoughts about how to clean a water filter properly. Good luck in this case.

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