How to install pur water filter?

The faucet filter is designed to remove various contaminants and impurities from the filtered water.

It allows you to quickly and extensively purify tap water, making it drinkable. Let’s look at how to install it and what you will need for this.

How to install pur water filter?

How to install pur water filter? Necessary tools

You won’t need many tools to install a pur water filter.

What do you need to have on hand?

  • Adjustable wrench;
  • Construction Knife;
  • Screwdriver with a thin drill;
  • Fum tape or anaerobic sealant for sealing joints;
  • Roulette;
  • A screwdriver;
  • Flashlight;
  • Paper napkins or a rag
  • Pencil


The filter cartridge is pull out in the cabinet under the kitchen faucet sink. It is better to remove the door — for greater convenience during installation. The flow faucet filter is connected to the cold filtered water quality system.

As a rule, it consists of three plastic flasks connected in series with filter cartridge for water purification.

On the sides of the filter cartridge there are fittings for a 1/4″ tube. They allow quick and easy connection, while ensuring complete tightness. Before starting work, be sure to pull out the cold water inlet tap. It is usually located in the bathroom or in the closet under the kitchen sink.

How to install pur water filter?

After that, relieve the pressure in the pipes. To do this, open the mixer, and then (without fail) close it. Due to this, when installing the pur faucet filtration system, very little water will flow out of the pipes.

Installation of the tap (adapter-valve)

A drain valve (adapter-valve) is supplied with the pur water filter. It looks like a small tee. It is used to connect the filter cartridge to the water filtration systems. The thread size is standard — 1/2″. The fitting is designed for a 1/4″ tube.

The cap nut allows for convenient and easy installation in hard-to-reach places.

How to install pur water filter?

It’s all by analogy with flexible eyeliner. On one side there is a rubber gasket. It ensures tightness without the use of additional sealing materials: fum tape, flax or anaerobic sealant. In our case, the adapter is easiest to connect to the faucet for the dishwasher. But if it is not there, the tap can also be installed on a regular inlet tap.

  1. For installation, loosen the cap nut of the eyeliner with an adjustable wrench, and then completely unscrew it with your hand.
  2. Keep napkins or a rag ready: a little water flow will leak out of the eyeliner. For convenience, pull the eyeliner aside or lift it.
  3. Install the adapter on the main faucet and tighten the cap nut by hand.
  4. Install the adapter on the standard faucet and tighten the cap nut by hand.
  5. In order not to scratch the chrome coating, put a paper napkin folded several times under the key. If bellows eyeliner is used, do not forget to install the gasket on the adapter, and then tighten the nut. In the case of using a conventional flexible eyeliner, the gasket remains on it.
  6. Check that it is not cracked or burst.

If there are any defects, replace with a new one.

After mounting the adapter, check the tightness. This is done simply: close the drain tap and open the inlet tap. To fill the system with water flow, open the mixer.

Wait for the filtered water to flow, and then close it. Visually or with a paper napkin, check the joints for possible leakage. To be sure, wait a few minutes. Filtered water from under the thread may not appear immediately. If a leak does occur, close the inlet valve and tighten the connection points with a wrench.

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Faucet for pur water

Filtered water comes from a special tap for clean water. It is mounted on the countertop or on the kitchen faucet. For installation, you need to drill a new hole or knock out the plug.

The crane takes up space, and with poor-quality easily install, it can become a source of leakage.

So, if possible, it is better to use a combined kitchen faucet with connection to a water filters with drinking filtered water.

In such mixers, water passes through different channels without touching each other.

We use this connection option. Fittings are used to connect the mixer to the pur water filter. They are not included in the pur filter kit. You can buy them at any plumbing store.

How to install pur water filter?

In our version, a brass transition fitting with an external thread of 3/8″ and an internal thread of 1/4″ is used, as well as a plastic fitting with a 1/4″ thread on a 1/4″ tube. Sealing material, such as fumlent, is required to seal the joints. The winding is made in the same direction in which the fitting is wrapped. When screwing in, the tape will straighten and stretch, snugly fitting to the thread.

There is a rubber gasket on the mixer liner — so just screw the assembled adapter all the way into the nut. For reliability, pull the connection by half a turn using an adjustable wrench.

The eyeliners of the mixers are different, for example, 1/2″. In this case, a brass fitting is not required. It is enough to use a plastic adapter with a 1/2″ thread to a 1/4″ tube.

Additional sealing with fumlent is not necessary.

Mounting the filter on the wall of the cabinet

The place for the pur water filter should be chosen taking into account the fact that the device needs to be serviced. The cartridges located in the flasks become more contaminants over time — they will have to be changed. You should reduce lead in the water.

Therefore, the location should be convenient, not interfering with the trash can and plumbing. It is better to foresee in advance that new devices may appear in the kitchen faucet in the future (for example, a dishwasher or a waste shredder). You will also need space to connect them.

On the water filter housing, on the reverse side, there are U-shaped eyelets. They are designed to mount the water filter on the wall of the cabinet. Use a tape measure and pencil to mark the places of the holes. There should be enough space under the water filter to remove the flask glass when replacing cartridges.

Usually a margin of 10-15 cm is more than enough. For accurate marking and greater convenience when screwing in screws, drill the chipboard with a thin drill to a shallow depth. Screw in the screws and hang the water filter.

1/4″ plastic tube

The plastic tube included in the kit connects the water filter to the tap water filtration systems and the tap for clean pur water. Measure the required length and cut it off with a knife. Leave a small margin: the tube should be in a free position, not stretched — but not twisted.

Put a nut on the plastic tube. Insert the tube into the adapter fitting and tighten the nut tightly. Insert the second end of the tube with force into the left fitting until it stops.

Similarly, insert the tube into the fitting of the other side of the filter and into the fitting of the mixer.

Selection criteria

When choosing a water filter for a home, the following criteria must be taken into account: Purpose – what specific filtering functions the device should perform – rough cleaning, softening, disinfection, etc. Installation location – under the sink, on the faucet, etc.

Dimensions – must correspond to the installation site so that there are no problems during installation and maintenance.

The principle of operation is flow–through or reverse osmotic.

Stationary with the possibility of updating water filter elements or single use. Productivity – depends on the volume of flowing water in a given period of time or the number of people living in the house.

On a note

The most convenient in operation and the best in terms of the degree of purification is a stationary osmotic type filter. To extend its service life, it is sufficient to replace the faucet mount filtration system elements in a timely manner.

At the same time, the osmotic system cleans the water to the greatest extent from all kinds of polluting factors – mechanical particles, salts, dissolved substances and microorganisms.

Features of installation and application of filters of various types

  • Rough cleaning.
  • Filter nozzle.
  • Trunk.
  • Cartridge.
  • For installation under the sink.
  • Reverse-osmosis.

Let’s analyze the main features, scope of application, as well as how to connect a pur filtration system in each presented modification

Coarse cleaning filter

In a professional environment, such a faucet mount water filter is also called a sump, due to its main purpose – the delay of large mechanical particles.

Despite the large number of variants, the principles of its installation are the same for all varieties. First of all, this is the location in the plumbing scheme.

It should be installed immediately at the point of entry of the drinking water pipe into the house, but before the meter, however, and after the shut-off valves. The procedure for its installation is not particularly complicated.

The device has a special thread, through which it is simply screwed onto the drinking water filtres. At the same time, a sealer is used to seal the connection.

Pay attention. During the installation of a coarse filtration system, an important technical nuance must be observed.

The lid of the sump compartment, regardless of the position of the housing, should always be directed only downwards. Otherwise, although the device will perform its functions, it will quickly fail due to congestion from accumulated sediment.

Filter nozzle

Installation of the filtration system nozzle for water purification is quite simple – the device is simply put on the spout of the kitchen mixer. The device includes a special filter sponge. The flow under pressure seeps through it and is thus cleared of harmful impurities.

Depending on the design of the crane and the filtration system itself, installation can be carried out in two ways:

  1. With a nozzle on the smooth spout of the faucet. The device will be held by friction forces.
  2. By screwing on the thread of the tap spout – if available.

The performance of this type of filtration system is quite enough to provide water to a small family. Its main advantage is quick installation without the need for subsequent maintenance.

Trunk filter

Special main filters are manufactured industrially today. Their task is to clean hot or cold water supplied to the house from the central water supply line. The device is mounted on the wall with a bracket and is located in the plumbing circuit at the entry point.

For ease of operation, the device contains a replaceable cartridge. Its replacement is carried out as necessary – depending on the degree of purity and volume of the water flow passing through it.

These technical specifications are usually indicated in the manufacturer’s passport.

Cartridge filter

Cartridge–type filter systems purify filtered water after a coarse filter – mainly from fine suspensions and dissolved compounds. The design includes a head element connecting the device to the water, and a glass with a filter cartridge.

At the same time, the components of the latter may differ – it may be coal, adsorbents, ion exchangers, etc. The order of installation of pur filters cartridges for water purification is unchanged. First of all, the height of the cup above the floor should allow you to freely replace the cartridge.

Filter under the sink

Such a filter is available ready–made – it does not need to be assembled, but it is extremely important to properly connect and connect to the pipe:

  • To begin with, the crane is connected to the tee.
  • Next, the pipe from the water pipe is connected.
  • The case is fixed to the wall.
  • A tap for water is installed.
  • The connection to the water supply is being made.
How to install pur water filter?

At the end, the operability of the device and the integrity of all connections are checked.

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Reverse osmosis

The installation sequence of the reverse osmotic water purification filter is the same as for the above option, except for a few nuances:

  1. Due to the specifics of the operation of the filter membrane pull out, the device requires the removal of a separate tube into the sewer for the outflow of mud sludge.
  2. Due to the slowing of the flow when passing through the membrane, pressure support is required. For this purpose, a storage tank is installed to collect purified water.

A pipe from the filter device is installed at the entrance to the storage tank, and a tube leading to the tap is installed at the outlet.

In addition, a valve is installed on the tank to block the water supply.

Which way does PUR filter go in?

One of the frequent questions that arises when installing a filter cartridge is “which way to install the filter”. Usually, on the newest filter, an arrow is drawn in the direction in which you need to turn, then just follow it.

If there is no arrow, then read the instructions that came with the filter had green light, there should also be a direction indicated.

If, in such a situation, you have not found in which direction to put it correctly, then try the “poke” method, we advise you to choose the “clockwise” direction, because most filters are installed exactly this way, if it does not work, then try in the opposite direction.

The main thing here is not to put too much pressure on the new filter unit and had green light, so as not to break the thread in the filter and the place where you insert the filter unit.

If you still could not install the filter, then you should seek help from specialists.

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How do you attach PUR?

Such equipment crashes into the water. The system is fixed under the sink, and a special tap is output to it, through which purified water will be supplied. It is convenient if the filter is retractable. It is mandatory at the initial stage to determine the location of the water tap and how many hoses will be needed for it.

Installation procedure:

Step 1

A tap is pull out to supply purified water. A branch is made, which will ensure the supply of liquid to the filter. To do this, the faucet is first shut off and the remaining water drains out of it.

Step 2

Disconnect the tap with a metal braid connected to the water pipe. A tee is installed at the break point, after which the thread is strengthened. A shut-off valve is immediately mounted. The filter is assembled if it is disassembled. All plugs are removed from the system, hoses and cartridges are connected.

Step 3

With the help of a hose, the filter inlet is connected to the tee. The outlet is connected to a tap for purified filtering water.

How do you install a PUR water filter pitcher?

The procedure for installing the replacement correct adapter.

How to install pur water filter?
  • Remove the funnel from the jug and fill it with cold water.
  • Unpack the new replacement module and lower it into the jug in a horizontal position.
  • Shake the module slightly a few times to let the air out of it.
  • Drain the water and place the funnel in the jug.
  • Insert the module into the funnel hole until it stops so that it stands vertically.
  • Filter unit and drain the first two jugs of water. An excess of activated carbon will come out of the cartridge.

Your filter jug is ready to go.


Jugs with a round funnel hole have a visual calendar. When installing the replacement module, align the current month on its cover with the triangular mark on the funnel. The figures indicate the number of users, and the month opposite them will tell you when the next replacement is needed.

For example, 2 people use the filter and the last replacement was in April, then a new module will be needed in June. During the work on the water filters, an increased amount of harmful impurities enters the unfiltered water. We recommend replacing the cartridges ahead of time if you know about the repair “upstream”.

It is more profitable and convenient to purchase replacement modules in sets of several pieces than one at a time. Before going to the store for a new cartridge, take a picture of the jug, cartridge, or cartridge box on your phone. This will allow you not to remember the names and not to confuse the module. Just show the seller the photos and he will offer the right set of replacement modules.

How do you prepare the PUR water filter?

Special cleaning systems are quite expensive, although they allow you to clean unfiltered water in an apartment or house with high efficiency. But not everyone will have such funds, and therefore the way out will be to purchase a jug from the manufacturer of Aquaphor or Barrier.

Inside it is a replaceable cartridge, which is usually changed every three months. Fortunately, it is not so expensive and therefore its acquisition will not hit the family budget much.

But, despite the affordable cost, the filter can be rinsed and thereby further increase its service life. After all, there are different situations. To do this, you should use one of two proven methods.

The first method is the use of salt

For obvious reasons, there is no longer a need to turn off the supply of cold and hot water. But first you need to prepare a cleaning solution. To do this, the salt itself is taken in the amount of two teaspoons per glass of water (200 ml).

To dissolve it, you need to mix everything well.

The resulting solution should be poured into the filter unit cavity and wait until it begins to pour out of it.

Accordingly, before cleaning the filtration unit, a suitable container should be prepared in advance, where the liquid will drain.

To increase the efficiency of cleaning, it is necessary to pour in the remains of the liquid spilled from the water filters again. It also makes sense to prepare a little more solution by increasing the amount of salt:

  • 2 cups – 4 tsp .;
  • 3 cups – 5 tsp .;
  • 4 cups – 6 tsp , etc .

After washing, the faucet filters is ready for further operation. Only beforehand it should be well rinsed under running water to avoid the taste of salt.

The second method is cutting off the cap

There is also no need to turn off cold and hot water, as well as additional devices and tools. All that is required is to remove the cartridge from the jug, and then cut off the cap. A mesh is hidden under it, which should be well rinsed with boiled water pressure.

If necessary, you can pass a saline solution through the filter, the preparation of which has already been discussed a little above. Despite the loss of the cap, the cleaned cartridge is suitable for further use for a long period of time.

Periodically, it is also desirable to clean the mesh with regularity once every three months. If there are still doubts about how to clean the water filter or there is no desire at all, then the best option is to buy replacement cartridges.

How to install pur water filter?

Briefly about the main thing

A modern household water filter status is a system of filter elements. With their help, it is possible to purify water not only from coarse impurities, but also salts, iron, fine suspensions, dissolved substances, microorganisms, and also enrich it with useful minerals.

In addition to the filter cartridge, the device includes a housing, bracket, adapter, seals, mixer and can be a storage tank.

The filters should be installed in such a place that its operation is not harmed by various factors, and it could be conveniently serviced. When choosing it for specific application conditions, the following criteria are taken into account:

  • Appointment.
  • Installation location.
  • Sizes.
  • The principle of operation.
  • Service life.
  • Brand.
  • Price.
  • Efficiency.

Depending on the function performed, they are divided into such subspecies as – for rough cleaning, in the form of a nozzle on a faucet, for a main line, a filters cartridge, for a sink, reverse osmosis. Each type of water purification filter status has its own features of connection, installation and scope of application.

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Flow-through filter system

The faucet filters externally consists of several flasks combined with each other, in which special cartridges are installed. Their number varies from 2 to 4. It is connected to the water filters communications by means of a flexible supply. A small faucet is placed on the sink itself, through which clean water is supplied.

The filters produced assume several stages of purification, for which the appropriate cartridges are used. For rough mechanical cleaning, a foam cartridge is sufficient, which detains foreign particles in the drinking water.

For medium cleaning, a cartridge with sintered activated carbon is used, removing:

  • organic;
  • chlorine;
  • smells.

The third version of the cartridge is also made of polypropylene, only with a better penetrating ability – 1 microns, compared with 5 microns of the rough version. It is able to remove chlorine and dissolved iron from drinking water.

Can I use it?

When the whole faucet filtration system is assembled, open the introductory tap. Check that there are no leaks in all connection points.

Then open the mixer with pur water. Let it last for about 10 minutes. During this time, the water filters will be completely soaked with drinking water and enter the operating mode, and the smallest particles that could accidentally get into the assembly process will come out of the system. Check the plumbing again for leaks.

You can collect purified and safe pur water!

After a long (more than five days) break in operation, before using the water filter, it is necessary to first spill pur water for two to five minutes.

Do not forget to change the cartridges in a timely manner and there will always be clean and fresh pur water pressure in your house.

How to install pur water filter?

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We hope that you were able to get an answer to the question “How to install pur water filter”.

Do not forget to change the water filters as water is very important for the body, it is also better to wash dishes with water. Washing dishes with water reduces the number of bacteria.

We also want to remind you that it is better not to clean the water filters, but to change it immediately. Because when cleaning, no one can say whether you really removed all the waste and dirt from the filters, or whether they remained.

Clean water is very important for health, it is filled with many useful trace elements that are necessary for the human body.

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