How to install under sink water filter?

How to install under sink water filter

How do you hook up a tap water filter?

The ways to install a water filter under the sink vary depending on what type of device is used. Let’s consider each option in more detail.

Flow-through option

Such equipment crashes into the cold water supply valve.

The system is fixed under the sink, and a special tap is output to it, through which purified water will be supplied.

It is convenient if the under sink water filter is retractable.

It is mandatory at the initial stage to determine the location of the water tap and how many hoses will be needed for it.

Installation procedure:


First, a tap is installed to cold water supply purified water.


A branch is made, which will ensure the supply of liquid to the under sink water filter system. To do this, the faucet is first shut off and the remaining water drains out of it.


Next, disconnect the tap with a metal braid connected to the water pipe. A tee is installed at the break point, after which the thread is strengthened. A shut-off valve is immediately mounted.


The sink water filter system is assembled if it is disassembled. All plugs are removed from the system, hoses and cartridges are connected.


With the help of a hose, the under sink water filter system inlet is connected to the tee. The outlet is connected to a tap for purified cold water line.

With reverse osmosis

The installation process is similar to the previous version. You need to start work with the cold water line overlap.

How to install under sink water filter

Installation procedure:

  • It is recommended to start installation work by connecting a tap for drinking water. For this task, there is everything you need in the package: clamps, nuts.
  • To install a thin tap, an additional water line will be required. It is made with such a tool as a drill, paired with a diamond-coated drill. The diameter of the hole is 13 mm.
  • On an enameled or porcelain surface, the top layer is cleaned up to the metal base.
  • Using a 7 mm drill, a feed water line is made in the metal base. The work should be done carefully. Then the same procedure is repeated, only a drill bit of 13 mm is installed. Now the crane is installed with tightening the nut.
  • The dedicated faucet is equipped with an inset into the drinking water supply. It includes a tap with an outlet to the tube and a special tee. The instructions indicate in what order they are connected.
  • The inset is mounting bracket. Previously, each connection is wrapped with a fum tape.
  • The under sink space line is disconnected from the tap through which cold water tubing flows.
  • Attach and fix the inset. Screw it carefully, without damaging the tube.
  • During the installation of the under sink water filter system, a clamp is necessarily installed on the drain pipe, preferably above the siphon.
  • We install the storage tank, after which we wrap its thread with wrap Teflon tape. Next, a plastic crane is attached to it.

A useful video that discusses the process of installing a separate faucet ro system:

This completes the installation.

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Where should a kitchen under sink water filter be placed?

He following requirements are put forward for the installation site:

  • There should be enough space for sink filters so that they are freely placed there, without deformations;
  • Free access is left to the flasks, as they will need to be replaced over time;
  • Also leave access to plumbing elements that are needed for system maintenance and repair work.
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Attention. The faucet hole is installed in both vertical and horizontal positions. The main thing is that there is enough free space for all filtration system.

What are the 3 stages of water filter?

Although the product has small parameters and an aesthetic appearance, engineers have worked hard on the installation method so that the design does not attract prying eyes and does not interfere with the hostess at hand.

The ideal place is the space under the kitchen faucet. But it is possible to mount the under sink water filter in a spacious separate locker, so that in the future it will be convenient to perform its maintenance.

Many owners install an additional gander over the sink to use the drinking liquid exclusively for quenching thirst and cooking.

How to install under sink water filter

The second quality is a simple installation. Modern designs have such a complete set and instructions that the installation does not require the invitation of a special team. The owner can quite cope on his own, subject to a thorough study of the technical passport.

The third feature is that kitchen sink is equipped with storage tanks. Depending on the configuration, their sizes vary from 5 to 10 liters. This volume is usually enough for a family of 5 people. And some species are equipped for disinfection with an ultraviolet lamp.

However, if the liquid is not fully used, it may have an extraneous unpleasant odor. In this case, it is recommended to filter the moisture through the carbon barrier in water filtration system or pour it out.

The principle of operation in kitchen sink

All systems from different manufacturers have the same size and they differ only in filtering elements, according to the standard or softening type.

1.5 m3/h For industrial bottled water

1.5 m3/h For industrial bottled water

MBFT-75 Membrane on 75GPD

The first includes three flasks, through which the liquid passes alternately. It gets rid of mechanical impurities (sand, fine gravel, silt, clay), organochlorine compounds and dissolved iron, and heavy metal ions in the appropriate sequence.

Pressed and granulated coal is used to remove unnecessary substances. Replacement of cartridges is necessary after 6-8 months of continuous operation. This period is typical for the northern regions of the country, where the cold water pipe is the hardest.

How to install under sink water filter

Accordingly, for the central and central chernozem bands, the productivity of barriers has been increased to one year.

A softening product is an ideal option for residents who struggle with stiffness. In one of the containers, the ion-exchange resin is the adsorbing element.

Whichever configuration you choose, know that at the output you will get crystal clear moisture with virtually no negative chemical compounds, with improved organoleptic properties (taste and smell).

How do you install Frizzlife under sink water filter?

With the help of a coarse ion exchange filter, it is possible to purify cold water pipe from large mechanical plastic tubing, but after that a large number of inclusions of a different nature remain in the sink water. In particular, we are talking about fine mechanical suspension and various dissolved substances.

How to install under sink water filter

For further cold water purification, cartridge filtration devices are used. Such devices have a head part, which is fixed on a water pipe, and a glass into which a filter cartridge is inserted.

There are several types of fillers for the under sink filter system, each of which purifies water from contaminants of a certain origin. These can be coal, adsorbing, ion–exchange fillers or allowing for a more subtle purification from mechanical impurities.

The installation scheme of reverse osmosis system for cold water faucet purification is the same in all cases and does not depend on the type of filler. In particular, the following actions are expected to be performed:

  • Before installing a cold water filter faucet, it is necessary to determine its location. It is important to take into account that the device should not interfere or be subjected to mechanical influences.
  • Next, choose the correct height of the location, here take into account the need for regular replacement of the cartridge. Therefore, in order to freely remove the glass, you need to maintain a distance from the filter changes to the bottom surface of at least 10 cm. Knowing how to change the water filter ro systems, you can do it yourself.
  • Having chosen the optimal location, proceed to the installation of a water filter. To begin with, shut off the filtered water in the system and open the nearest faucet. Such actions will allow you to withdraw all the water that filled the pipes.
  • Then you need to cut out a section of pipe to install a water filters device.
  • Immediately before the location of the entire system, a tap is welded, with the help of which the filtered water in polishing filter cartridges to the water filters will be limited.
  • Couplings are used to attach the head part of the device, and after installation, the connection points are subjected to a thorough check. For more sealing of the joints, you can use additional sealing materials.
  • The selected type of plastic tubing is released from the packaging and inserted into a glass, which is then fixed on the head of the device.
  • After installing the water filter stages, the system and the new device are tested. For this purpose, a shut-off valve is opened at the entrance of the filtered water pipe to the house and a water intake valve. The supply line will allow you to identify defects in the installation site of the cartridge filter tubing.


We would like to remind you that such filters also need cleaning, we advise you to purchase a special tool for this, soap dispenser will not be very effective. The soap dispenser does not contain all the necessary components for cleaning. A special tool is poured into existing hole. Through the existing hole, the product spreads throughout the hose, removing and dissolving debris.

Also, do not forget to clean the shutoff valve. A lot of dirt often accumulates in the shutoff valve slowly.

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