How to make zero water filter last longer

How to make zero water filter last longer?

In perfect world you can imagine miracle situation – ZeroWater cans live forever. It cans be best solution for all problems with water cleaning. But we are living in real world and you when you are planning to buy a water filter from ZeroWater, you might be thinking how long ZeroWater filters last.

How to make zero water filter last longer

In this article, we would like to share you the filter lifespan of a ZeroWater filters which is based on your water’s total dissolved solids (TDS) count. You can also find here how useful tips on how you can know when you should change your water filters, where to buy filter replacements, and another helpful things.

Marketing promise us that ZeroWater will give you 40 gallons water. That means that you can use it about 3-4 months, is it nice work for filter or just marketing trick. Let’s investigate this.
Of course 40 gallons means maximum amount of water that a ZeroWater and if you have clean water, you filter will live very close to this number.

However, in real life you have very different amount. And in case of our experience we will say that numbers can be 20, 15, or even 10 gallons of pure water from this filter before it comes to the end of its lifespan.

First, a little information about Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

Total Dissolved Solids means total number of non-organic impurities that contains in the water which goes to the laboratory.

However there are many contamination in water that can be taken into account to this volume, at first a lot of people mentioned to their Total dissolved Solids in water is sodium.

This filter clean sodium and other Total Dissolved Solids in your water, and as it does this, because of that lifesplan of filter becomes shorter and you need to change ZeroWater more often.

The volume of Total Dissolved Solids depends on life of your filter for cleaning tap water with contamination. The exceeding volume of TDS in tap water means not so long life of filter. It will also clean water but not so long as it cans.

Do you need to decrease amount of Total Dissolved Solids for work ZeroWater filters?

Big amount of sodium in your daily life and daily meal is not good idea, you should reduce it is volume in your life. And good idea to reduce it is to decrease sodium in your drinking water. Because it is way were you can do a little for improve you quality of daily life.

A lot of amount of sodium can impact on your blood, risk of heart disease, kidney disease, osteoporosis, and even stomach cancer.

When you reduce amount of sodium in your life you will see that your relatives start drinking clean water more often, also as a bonus you will reduce amount of sugar in your daily and of course less calories on your life.

What is the real lifesplan on ZeroWater Filters?

We can’t say that your filter will work 3 months and 5 days, because nobody knows how long in days will it work, but in general of our experience and customer reviews we can say that that ZeroWater filters you need to change for 1-2 months.

So you might think that advertisement of this filters lies you. But it is not so definitely, as it cans be. Lifesplan of ZeroWater filter bases the 40-gallon/4-month, it proposes that your water before filter contains only a moderate amount of TDS. If this amount is more than 200, than ZeroWater filter won’t last for 40 gallons.

How to make zero water filter last longer

What life of ZeroWater filter depends of?

When you understand how your water filter works, you will be ready for change it. Now, we would like to show you factors which can prolong or reduce life of your filter. Here are two important things which you should pay attention for understanding life of your filter. They are water exploitation and water contamination.

Water exploitation

It is very simple. If you use your filter a lot, life of your ZeroWater will be very short. Because of frequently using filter more water will pass from cleaning, that means that contamination on water will impact on ZeroWater filter and it is life will be short.

And if you will use filter in daily pace, so life of your filter will be prolong.

Water contamination

ZeroWater filters work on removing total dissolved solids (or TDS), so much so they contain in tap water which you have.

It means that if you have a lot of contaminations, your filter will work not so long as you want, because contamination will impact on filter cartridge and it will become dirty very fast.
But the another situation is if your tap water has low contamination, especially solids, then you ZeroWater filter will last longer than you have planned it. And like a bonus you will change it rarely.

And what about more longer lifeplans water filtering alternatives?

How to make zero water filter last longer

Of course there are few alternatives. At first we would like to talk about osmosis system.

This filtration process cleans about 98% of the Total Dissolved Solids from the water. And there is enough clear drinking water from this system wherever you want.

But what about price? High efficiency means not cheaper price, so you will pay for installation of this system about $200 – $250 and about $50 each half of the year for changing water filters. This way cans be good variant on long using, or bog amount of the water. But if you using water only for drinking it will be very expensive way for cleaning.

What is difference between ZeroWater and another Water Filters?

At first we would like to mention that at the market you will find two-stage water filter system. It is the most primitive system and very popular. First stage is the water filter for removing mechanical contaminations, such as parts or earth and dirt. Second stage is carbon filter which removes simple contaminations such as chloride or chlorine and others
So what about ZeroWater, there are five stage of cleaning. That means that water will cleaning five times and you can avoid more contaminations. What is the stages? Let’s understand

  • The first step of cleaning is Coarse Filter Screen, which removes suspended solids contamination just like first stage on 2 steps cleaning water filters.
  • The second step is a Foam Distributor, which reduces more solid particles. That means that you water be more pure than at 2 stages filter.
  • The third step is a Multi-Layered Activated Carbon and an Oxidation Reduction Alloy. They reduce amount of organic contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, mercury, chlorine, and chloramine.
  • At the fourth step there is Dual Comprehensive Ion Exchange Resin which removes inorganic contaminations such as metals, nonmetals, and radiological contaminants. ZeroWater filters utilise this ion exchange technology because it removes aluminum, lead, zinc, nitrate, and other dissolved solids that getting from pipe systems.
  • Last step consists of an Ultra-Fine Screen lined with Non-Woven Membrane Layers. These hold the resin in place and remove the remaining suspended solids.

And we recommend when you use ZeroWater filter you can check your pure water after filter on TSD Meter

Is the ZeroWater filter is more popular than than water from bottle or distilling water or after reverse Osmosis system?

Please understand that it is very different ways for cleaning water and using it for drinking.

What is the difference between the Zero water filter and others filtration process. At first it is possibility to clean water without big and difficult systems which using at lot of place and resources.

Distillation is a difficult and hard process that using boiling and you need to wait for a long time when the water will be ready for drink.

Reverse osmosis is rather expensive and also takes time and place, and water from the bottle is not ecological, because of plastic waste after you will drink. ZeroWater is compact and you will not had to wait for hours.

However you need to change your ZeroWater filter from time to time, but be sure that it is more comfortable than using big and long systems and waste a lot of time and space for this.

Now let’s talk about changing filter, how to understand that time for changing has come?

At first main signal that you need to replace your ZeroWater filter is unusual taste of water. It means that you have nice water but suddenly it becomes with different taste. You should mention on this.

If you feel that your water is different not so nice and pure or maybe it becomes acidic or you feel different smell. Please pay attention to this and stop using ZeroWater filter and change this.

If you don’t feel something strange with your water and taste and smell us usual, but you still thinking that your water is not pure enough, please take your TDS Meter and make some tests with your water.

If it shows more than 006 you need to change your water filter, in good works filter it will show less than 006.

If you don’t want to change your ZeroWater filter you should know next information.

If you don’t want to change water filter during few months please understand that in becomes dirty, because your filter takes from your water contamination and block them. So after using a lot of time speed of cleaning decreases, your filter becomes slowly.

Also you start to feel smelling and taste becomes different. And ZeroWater filter becomes place where start to live a lot of bacterium and microorganism. This cans to lead to bad things with your organism, you can feel sick, your teeth will have problems and other not nice things for your health

ZeroWater gives guarantees that filter is made its filters with safe from bacterium and microorganism, because of it is materials, but please pay attention to your health. Change your filter not less than it works period or each half of the year. If you have water with hight amount of TDS please check this on TDS meter, we suggest to do this every month.

How to make zero water filter last longer

What about ecological moments and ZeroWater filter, can it be Recycled?

If you want to put some activity for ecological side and reduce volume of the waste, you can put your old water filter to the mail and send this to the plant. You can fill up their form and follow the instructions to ensure that your used ZeroWater filter is put to good use and not just be left to rot in a landfill.

What is A ZeroWater World mean?

Our high priority to get into your house pure, safety and delicious drinking water.

You can monitor your water quality by yourself.

You can set everything from testing, to filtering than again checking quality and again as you want.

It is very simple, you don’t need special education for this. As you know when you should clean your clothes you will know when your need to replace your ZeroWater filter and all the time you will have pure and tasty water at home.

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