How to reset pur water filter light?

It happens that the pur water filter is faulty and gives a light indication not green, but yellow or red. In most cases, you need to reset the pur water filter. But the question is, how to do it? This will be discussed in today’s article.

How to reset pur water filter light?

It is very important to observe the water balance and use clean water. Thanks to the pur filters, you will be able to drink clean water from the tap.

Make sure that the pur water filter works, as soon as it is clogged, the water will not be filtered sufficiently. The water will be with various chemicals and pollutants.

How do you reset a pur water filter?

In order to reset the pur water filter, you need to do the following:


Unscrew the system and remove it from the tap


Unscrew the back cover


Remove the filter from the housing


Hold the reset button located in the bottom corner (just hold the button for five seconds)

It is very important to safe to drink water, so constantly monitor the condition of the pur water filter. Tap water without a pur water filter is not always of decent quality. It’s better not to risk it.

Such a pur water filter will be the best way to control the content of harmful substances in your water. Such a system will allow you to get safe to drink water around the clock and without restrictions. You will no longer have to spend money and effort on buying bottled water.

Why do I need to reset my pur filter?

How to reset pur water filter light?

It is important that the water you drink is always clean. Resetting the pur filter will help eliminate some problems with water filtration, due to which filtration is faster and better. There are several reasons why you need to pur filter. Let’s take a closer look at them.

One of the most common reasons is the requirement of the pur filter itself. Usually the indicator on the pur filter lights up yellow or red in such situations. You should definitely reset the pur filter, otherwise you will consume dirty water.

After Replacing the filter

It is important not to forget to change pur filters, as over time the entire pur filter system becomes dirty and unable to purify water well.

On average, the pur filter is changed after 100 gallons of water have been used. This is approximately three months of water use. After reinstalling the new filter, the system will ask you to reset the filter, after which you can already start using the new filter.

If a situation arises that your pur water filter is blinking red after filter change, read how you can fix it.

How to replace a pur filter?

Before updating pur water filters with multi-stage cleaning, it is also necessary to first shut off the water supply, relieve the remaining pressure in the pipe and prepare a container for old elements.

How to reset pur water filter light?

Further in the work it is necessary to adhere to such a scheme:

  1. With the help of a special ring key, unscrew the flask, which receives water.
  2. Check the quality of the O-ring. If necessary, change it to a new one or lubricate it.
  3. Remove the old cartridge, rinse the container and put a new filter.
  4. The flask is screwed into its place, having previously put the sealing ring.
  5. The second carbon filter is changed in the same way.
  6. They remove the tube from the autoregulator and open the water supply.
  7. Drain 5-7 liters of water into a container through a tube.
  8. The pipe is returned to its place and the water is cut off.
  9. Change the mechanical cartridge in the third flask.
  10. Open the water and check the tightness of the connections.

The membrane component is changed separately when its resource limit ends. To remove the flask, it is necessary to remove the incoming and outgoing tubes.

To do this, pull out the lock and press the ring. The plugs are removed from the new cartridge. Unscrewing the doubles and tees from the old element, put them on the new one.

Connect the tubes to the connectors (all the way) and, lifting up the ring, insert the lock. The filter needs to be pre-washed for at least 10-15 minutes.

Dirt & Debris Buildup

Also a common problem for which you will have to reset the filter is the accumulation of dirt and debris. Usually a water filters change is needed after prolonged use of the pur filter system.

When dirt and debris accumulate in the pur filter, the system can complicate the pur filter reset. Before doing this, you should remove all the debris and dirt that are most likely inside the case and screen.

How to remove Dirt & Debris Buildup

To do this, you need to first disassemble the pur filter system from the sink so that you can wipe away any plaque that has been formed inside, especially on the screen.

This will allow you to properly get rid of garbage in the pur filter housing.

Read here how to clean pur water filter.

How to reset a pur faucet filter

When properly assembled, the color of the indicator changes from yellow or red to green light. This is initially us and it was necessary. The green light will indicate that the pur water filters are working properly and there are no impurities inside. However, the water filter reset is slightly different depending on whether you are using a sink or a jug.

How to reset pur water filter light

Let’s take a closer look at each type of process.

Now almost everyone has pur water filters at home, as access to drinking water is very important. With the help of pur water filters, you can have safe to drink water at home, without additional devices.

Periodically you need to reset your water filter housing, the reason may be the replacement of the filter. To clear the screen or just because of a technical glitch.

  • First you need to unscrew the filtration system. After unscrewing the system, you need to remove the back cover to remove the case.
  • This way you will get access to the water filter. After that, remove the water filter cartridge from the housing to access the reset button, which will be located at the bottom of the housing.
  • To reset, press the button several times. Then put the water filter faucet system back in and assemble the system to the end. Everything is ready, now you have clean drinking water again and the light bulb is green light.

How to reset a pur pitcher filter

If you do not use a sink for cleaning, but a jug, then you will need this instruction. The jugs also have an indicator that tells you the status of the water filter. It also informs you when the filter needs to be reset.

Unfortunately, the indicator is not available on all models. Basically, the indicator is found in new models, the old ones do not have such a function. In the absence of an indicator, you yourself will have to decide when to reset.

After replacing the jug filter faucet system, the system needs to rest. Just click on the reset button to do this. Hold it for five seconds and everything will work out. After the reset, the light on the jug will change to green, so you will understand that the system is ready to working fine.

What do the my pur water filter light mean?

Now almost all faucet system models come with indicators. There are different pur water filter light with different designs, but the principle of operation is the same for all of them. Each filter has different light indicators.

How to reset pur water filter light?

Each color flashes during a certain period and gives you information about the current state of the pur unit.

There are three colors in total lights flash:

  • green light
  • yellow light
  • red light

Often the color of your faucet filters will be green light. It will flash regularly depending on the filter status. On average, the filter needs to be changed every three months. That’s after about 100 gallons of water used.

It is during the period from 2.5 to 3 months that the color of the pur water filter light can change from green to orange or red. If the color changes more often, then it may be a technical failure, or the water is too dirty.

Although the second option is rare, since currently the pipes are changed in a timely manner and all the water is carefully treated.

Green pur filter light

Green light is the most pleasant color. It means that your system is working perfectly. You drink water. In addition, the green light indicates the successful replacement of the filter. If you did something wrong, then the color will be yellow or red.

The flash green color also indicates that you have successfully restarted the entire water purification system. After installing a filter, as a rule, you need to restart the system. The indicator will show you the correctness of actions and the result.

If you notice that your filter starts flashing green, then do not be alarmed, this usually happens after you have installed a filter.

Before the filter is fully put into operation, the system will need to be cleaned, which you can do by leaving the system to reset for 5 minutes. So you will be able to flush the system, which guarantees the purity and safety of the water.

Yellow pur filter light

The yellow pur water filter lights indicates that the life of the filter is coming to an end. Instead of waiting until the filter stops working at all, you will be informed in advance. You will have the opportunity to buy a filter.

If you pur water filter light turns yellow, you can try to extend the life of your filter. To do this, it can be cleaned. In any case, after the color has turned yellow, you have a few more days to purchase a new filter.

If we talk about the quality of water, then it is the same as with green. Water at such a moment is treated in the same way, it is absolutely safe. The yellow light indicator is just a warning system that you will soon have to new pur filter change.

Red pur filter light

Red indicator is the color that indicates that the old filter needs to be changed. The water is not cleaned when the pur water filter red light. When you see a red light indicator, immediately filter change so that you can get good clean water.

Your old filter is able to remove any contamination, which is why it is so important that it is able to work. Despite the fact that tap water should be clean according to the norms, this is not always the case.

Somewhere the pipes were not laid in time or the water was not treated enough. Do not take risks and use filters in a timely manner.

The red color may also indicate that some kind of technological failure or filter screen has occurred in the pur faucet and it needs to be hold the reset button.

This may be due to a water filter pur or system installation. In such situations, just hold the reset button.

Chapter FAQ

How do you reset the PUR water filter light?

First you need to remove the lid and open access to the pur water filter light, then remove the filter from the housing and hold the reset button for five seconds, which is located in the lower corner of the housing. Then put the whole system back.

How do you reset the light on a PUR pitcher?

To change the color of the indicator, it is enough to fulfill the requirements that correspond to this color. Green – everything is fine, yellow – be ready to replace the filter, red – it’s time to change the filter immediately.

Why is my filter light still red?

The red color burns for two reasons. First, if you need to change the filter, just replace it with a new filter. And the second is technical problems in the form of a bad installation. Try to understand the mechanism and reinstall the filter. Maybe you just need to click on the reset button

What does the yellow light mean on a PUR water filter?

The yellow indicator warns you that you will need to change the filter soon. Prepare the filter in advance. Once the yellow light turns on, you still have a couple of days before the red light turns on.


The pur water filter light tells you about the current state of your filter. Without a pur water filter light, it’s very hard to tell when you need to change the filter. Also, the filter light indicates whether the filter system is installed correctly. Hold the reset button for five seconds.

The different light of the indicators helps to eliminate all problems in the filter. Focus on it and then you will be able to get good water every day.

We hope that in this article you could find all the answers to your questions.

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