How to reset pur water filter 

The PUR water filter light is very useful for understanding what time you should change your pur water filter. This system has specific settings, in general they work normally. But suddenly it cans stop working and in this article we will write what you should do at this situation.  When to pemove old filter and buy new filter.  

How to reset pur water filter 

At first you should know that this happens because of the battery in pur water filter.

It is not non-replaceable that’s why after three years filter light not working. But don’t be afraid, at this guide we will try to solve this problem.

How to reset pur water filter 

At this article you will find answers at the questions:

What does it means pur water filter light?

A polyurethane water filter is a system designed to purify and filter water from possible contaminants. After cleaning the water will be much better than bottled water.

How to reset pur water filter 

Your faucet will no longer be covered with rust and all this thanks to the latest technologies that are collected in the latest technical invention – a polyurethane filter or a pur filters (as users often call it too).

As you know, tap water goes through a rather low level of purification and may contain harmful microorganisms and all kinds of viruses and bacteria. It is for this reason that water filters are so popular and in demand at the moment, more and more people are purchasing and installing every day filter in your house or apartment.

What is an pur water filter light and why is it needed? 

How to reset pur water filter 

It is main function is to indicate when the cartridge needs to be replaced, in addition, it notifies users of any possible failures or errors in the system that may adversely affect the operation of the device. The pur water filter light will help to get ahead of all problems in time and prevent the water from becoming harmful and unsuitable for consumption!

This will help you avoid unnecessary repair costs and, most importantly, save you from drinking dirty water and, perhaps, for some time you will not even suspect about it. That is why the presence of an indicator in the water filter is a must!

You can also see that pur water filter light is called “light filter” due to its function of light, it is the light that indicates whether your pur water filter is working well and it’s time to replace / repair it. For example, if the color is light green, then everything is in order with the filter, if it is red, then there is a breakdown. 

We will tell you more about the prices for a light pur water filter why they can light up at the end of the article.

What should I do if the pur water filter is broken or out of order?

How to reset pur water filter 

The main reasons why this can happens are:

  • service life has expired – like any other device, the filter has a certain service life, unfortunately it can’t work forever. Of course, if the tap filter is well-made, then it can serve you for ten to twenty years, then anyway, sooner or later the moment will come when it’s time to replace it. This is exactly what the indicator is for, because often people do not notice its breakdown, it seems that the filter works as usual, as before, but in fact it is already starting to do its job worse and worse and your water is gradually becoming undrinkable.
  • the batteries are empty. Red flashing/flashing light means the filter needs to be replaced.
  • reset button stuck or stopped working.

If you found a reason in this list that you read to the end, in this we will detail how to fix the problems that have arisen and avoid them in the future! We will filter screen try to tell you as clearly as possible about the possible ways to solve the problems that have arisen with the device, we will try to answer in detail the popular and frequently asked questions about polyurethane water filters.

Tell us their main functions and explain how it works, we will do the samewrite what it means if the indicator of your filter is green, yellow or red and why you need a water filter in principle and what is the main essence of its work.

How to reset a pur water filter indicator?

Sometimes, even after replacing the polyurethane water filter, the pur water filter life counter does not reset automatically. To solve this problem, you can use the following tips – they will help solve all the problems and problems associated with the operation of the water filter. It will help avoid high repair or replacement costs.

Trouble shooting Tips for Pur Water Filter Clean Filtration System:

  1. Press the “power” button. Press and hold the reset button for three seconds. This can helps you “reset” the filter and fix some minor issues or at least improve performance. But sometimes it will not guarantee that this will completely fix it! If the breakdown of faucet filters is serious and / or it could not be eliminated using the above tips, then of course it is better to contact the specialists who work with this filter immediately or if the warranty period has not yet expired, then you can contact the salon or store where you purchased water filter pur.
  2. Cartridge failure. The cartridge pur water filter has expired and is no longer filteres water.

Perhaps, you have a question and misunderstanding, how to find the reset button for the polyurethane filter?

Where is the reset button for the pur water filter

How to reset pur water filter 

The reset button is located on the filter housing, a little on the side, it is not difficult to find it at all.

How to reset the pur water filter light?

Sometimes, even after replacing the pur water filter, the filter life counter does not reset automatically. To solve this problem, you can hold the reset button.

How does a filter light works?

The indicator shows when the filter is out of order and that it is time to replace it. Sometimes the filter works for many years, but in some cases it quickly fails.

This directly it depends on its quality, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the purchase of goods. With his guarantee, it’s timechoose a quality one that will serve you for many years without breakdowns!

If the filter is still broken, then most often, when replacing the pur water filters, you had to hold the reset button at the indicator. The filter light changes color, and this depends on the life of the filter.

Where is the reset button for the polyurethane filter located?

To carry out repair work or replace the pur filter, you must close the two ball valves located in front of the faucet system inlet and outlet, then reset by pressing the red button, which is located on top of your filter housing, you will also need a special plastic key to tighten the flask.

Then you need to turn off the tap and release the pressure – it’s quite simple, there should be no problems if everything is done correctly.

Also you heed to remove air bubbles from faucet system. Because of the air bubbles water can goes slowly from pur water faucet system.

If you want to continue working and completely replace the filter, then you need to buy two plastic keys to turn the flask.

However, the key often breaks so that this does not happen during work, I advise you to rewind two keys together with electrical tape and now you will get a durable and reliable tool which works efficiently and will not break when repairing or replacing the faucet filter.

How to reset the pur faucet filter warning?

Suddenly, the indicator of the polyurethane water filter began to show a breakdown that is not there? Or the filter itself began to work much worse than it was before ? Most pur faucet filter users are familiar with this situation on pur filter if you are one of them and you also once had to deal with this problem, then be sure to read this paragraph of the article so as not to make another mistake.

Most likely, upon finding such an error, you decide that the pur water filters are failed and stopped working and therefore make decisions to repair pur water or even throw it away. But this is not always the right decision! Sometimes indicators faucet system can fail and show non-existent breakdowns – this often confuses the owners and they take up the replacement or repair of the pur water filters. 

Few people think that jelly can only be in the indicator pur water filters.

What to do if you find this error pure water filter light not working?

  1. reload water filter
  2. clean system
  3. restart filter by press the reset

If these tips do not help with you water filter then you should contact the master who understands this area to help you fix it!

How to reset the light on a PUR jug?

Before answering this question, let’s figure out what colors of pur water filter you have in general and what they most often mean.

Green light

Flash green. If the indicator is green light at new pur filter it means that everything is in order with the water filter and water makes clean and pur, if it is new pur filter completely purified and safe green light, you can safely drink it.

Most often the green lights up and goes out to save energy. That is, green light at the pur filters if the color was green light and after a while it went out, then there is no reason for concern.

How to reset pur water filter 

Yellow light

If the yellow light on the indicator pur filter lights up, this may indicate that the filter is not installed correctly, so the suction may not be enough for it to work properly. Because of this, the water may not pass all the stages of purification and become undrinkable. So you shouldn’t use pur water filters with the yellow light.

How to reset pur water filter 

Red light

Red light faucet filter housing if this bulb is erased on your nozzle, then this may indicate the following malfunction. If not that means that pur faucet filters don’t work as required.

Sometimes pur filter units may in some cases not turn on the light due to clogging of the mesh filter with dirt. As a result, the system assumes that your filter cannot work system.

To remove stuck debris, first flush the entire filter housing. Once dry, reassemble the entire system, then hold the reset for three seconds pour tray filter cartridge (for polyurethane faucets) or five seconds (for polyurethane jugs or dispensers). The light should turn green.

But there are times when the light does not change. If so, hold the reset you can reset the light.

How to reset pur water filter 

How to reset the light on a PUR jug?

To solve this problem, just press the reset button for 5 minutes. The error should disappear.


A water filter is an indispensable pur faucet thing in every house or apartment. If quality and, most importantly, pur water filter lights safety of water is important to you, a guarantee that it does not contain substances harmful to health, bacteria. Know that the water is free from dirt and is completely ready for use even without special treatment, such as boiled water.

If this is about you, old filter then we advise you to buy new filter, it has many advantages and almost no disadvantages, it perfectly purifies water, works without interruptions and failures requiring high repair costs. A pur water filter light and other devices that the device is equipped with will help you recognize a breakdown in time.

Many people believe that cold water is cleaner than hot or warm water, but this is partly true, since it is cold water that goes through a greater purification stage.

In addition, for heat water in a modern water supply system, sometimes various chemical compounds are used that can negatively lubricate health, so if you have not yet purchased a tap filter, then drinking untreated hot water is highly undesirable.

But if you already own a reliable and modern pur water filter then you have nothing to fear. Water, regardless of its temperature, will be clean and natural for drinking even without boiling or other types of treatment at home. The main advantage pur faucet of the filter is that it can filter your hot water.

How to reset pur water filter 

And if you have pur water filter light at your faucet filters system, you will see when you filter works as reqiured and you filtering water has higt quality.

In this article you can read water filter pitcher or faucet filter – which to choose?

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