How to reset samsung water filter?

How To Reset Samsung Water Filter?

Samsung remains the best choice if the problem concerns freezers, according to the whole society.

Since the brand is considered a pioneer in the introduction of innovative features, it is much easier to find Samsung freezers along with dispensers for water and ice.

Of course, there is a special water filter light in these freezers, which plays a very important role, which allows you to have access to cold refreshing water here at any time.

At the same time, no less, a button filter reset should be constantly changed, but most people do not understand this in any way until they notice the scarlet arrow of the red filter light with the purpose of water on the monitor panel.

How To Reset Samsung Water Filter?

In addition, they have every chance of getting lost, noticing that the scarlet red warning light, without exception, is still flickering after changing the previous filter with crushed ice button for the purpose of water purification.

But the trick is that you need to throw off the crushed light indicator button after changing the filter for the purpose of the water to return it to its standard color. For this reason, I thought about forming this control to help you disable the water filter light pointer in the Samsung freezer.

What Is The Function Of The Water Filter Indicator Light? 

Those who exactly researched and were also going to buy a freezer together with a dispenser for the purpose of water or ice, understand that they have a special filter for the purpose of water. Someone removes clogging or hardness of the water, making it suitable for the purpose of drinking.

In the case of most Samsung refrigerators, they will have each with 3 alternatives to the water filters used by the brand. Now, despite the period of operation of many water filter indication for the purpose of water is 6 months, the duration is able to fluctuate due to the properties of water in the area.

For this reason, in order to facilitate the change of reset the water filter light for the purpose of water, most of the brands contain a pointer in the monitor or control panel. In the light on a Samsung freezer, it is usually possible to find it among the keys “Water” and “Ice”.

When purchasing a samsung refrigerators, the pointer must be emerald, blue or yellowish, due to a certain modification. Already after 5 months of application or application of approximately 450 liters. the water from reset the water filter light on a Samsung will be orange, red or lilac, speaking in the need of a shift.

How To Reset Samsung Water Filter?

However, if the indicator light on a Samsung refrigerators up reddish, this indicates the need to change the filter for the purpose of water power cool as well as possible more correctly.

As a rule, this is done after that, as well as Five hundred liters of water were applied to you, or 6 months have passed along with the construction stage of the previous filter light on a Samsung for the purpose of water.

If at this stage it does not work out to change the water filter icon for the purpose of water, the Samsung freezer gives water and ice along with a bad taste. In addition, this can serve as a reason to risk for the purpose of well-being in the zones in which the polluting elements are located here.

At the same time, no less, I would like you to see that the pointer is able to flash reddish earlier, especially in areas with solid water.

For this reason, you are watching from behind the Samsung refrigerator filter light for the purpose of water, and I also advise you to change the filter light soon after that, as well as someone will be orange, lilac or red.

How To Reset The Water Filter Light? 

Before resetting the water filter reset button in the Samsung refrigerator, it is important to read the user manual carefully.

A small brochure usually contains all the necessary information about the operation of your light on a Samsung refrigerator filter. It will also give you an idea of the various options and control components that exist in the freezer.

You can’t find the user manual for the purpose of your freezer in any way? Visit the Samsung website and also go to the Help tab and this article.

Further in the management area, as well as the provision of software, you will be able to enter the state modification number of your Samsung refrigerator filter housing to familiarize yourself with the management.

1. Standard Process To Reset The Water Filter Light 

After that, and also after you have understood the basic functions of your freezer different models, it’s time to find the water filter reset key. In most Samsung refrigerator, someone is equipped with an emergency button, for this reason, press the Samsung refrigerator filter reset key for 3 seconds. this will be implemented. After reset automatically, the pointer will either go out or return to its own original color.

2. Resetting The Samsung Water Filter Light Through Family Hub 

You just don’t have a Samsung 1st Smart Family Hub freezer or different models? Unless, of course, in this case, this procedure may not be the most common for you, therefore, like all without exception, what you need to do is open the Family Hub add-on and also click “Applications”.

The appropriate step is to press the “Refrigerator Manager” function for red light, then “Refrigerator Settings”, “Water Filter” and finally press “Reset”. function. Now, without exception, all you have to do is click “Continue” to complete the procedure.

Along with resetting the filter light, someone is obliged to return the self-timer to its original position. It is curious that in the just your refrigerator’s way, together with the help of Family Hub, you can also purchase the latest special water filter by clicking on the “Buy filter” option in the “Water filter” section.

3. Way To Reset Filter Light In the RSG309 And RF4289 Models 

These 2 modifications are considered hits in the Samsung refrigerator line because of their large volume, perfectly matched for surnames, as well as a huge number of elements. However, Samsung claims that the way to reset the backlight key of these freezers with replacement filter is somewhat different.

Start by selecting the “Settings” function displayed below, and also do not stop clicking on the “Water Filter” light option. Next, if a list with the purpose of the water filter is displayed, click the “Next” button located in the lower right corner. As for you, you need to click it 3 more times to go to page 4.

In mute mode, you will find the “Reset special filter light for water purification” filter reset button located in half of the screen. Be sure to press and hold it down until the reset indicator is complete.

At the end, you need to resume the initial settings, and the information “Filter replaced” will also appear. To complete the procedure, click the “Save” filter reset button located at the bottom of the left side of the page.

4. Other Options To Reset The Water Filter Light 

In addition to the factors we listed earlier, Samsung claims that different types have every chance of appearing in different modifications. So I went ahead and also highlighted many of these settings to help you reset the filter in the absence of any issues.

1) Press and hold the “Ice View” and “Lock with Kids” keys together for three to five seconds..

2) Press and hold the ice separation key for about 5 seconds..

3) Press and hold the ice or water input key for three to five seconds..

4) Press and hold the ice or water sup key for three to five seconds..

I am convinced that the application of each of the above alternatives will lead to the successful purification of the filter reset button pointer from water, as well as to its return to the default parameters.

Why Should You Regularly Change The Filter of A Samsung Refrigerator?

If the problem reaches up to Samsung refrigerator, Samsung has been popular for a long time, along with the fact that it gives one with the best filters for the purpose of water.

In the manufacture of filters, the brand adheres to the principles defined by similar organizations, as well as the North American State Institution of Stereotypes (ANSI) and the State Sanitation Asset (NSF).

This ensures that there will be absolutely no pollution of all kinds in the food you use here, something that eliminates every threat for the purpose of well-being.

Most of the filter reset button used by Samsung refrigerator models are based in carbon and also meet the standards NSF/ANSI 401, NSF/ANSI 53 and NSF/ANSI 42. In a similar way, moisture does not include inclusions in any way, such as halogen, an unpleasant aroma, hard particles of class I, as well as harmful chemical elements, such as metal or metal.

In addition, Samsung refrigerator reset filter is provided in order to eliminate polluting elements held in here. These include pharmaceutical substances or specific chemical elements that have not yet been approved by the Agency according to the protection of the United States of America (EPA) located around the sphere for the use of the people, such as vero-atenolol, God and folliculin.

In order to find out more, you can take a look at Samsung’s website to find out about the filtering concept explored by the brand.

Or, if you have difficulties with finding the reset filter for the purpose of water in the Samsung refrigerator, go to the management according to the elimination of malfunctions for the purpose of the usual resolution.

I would also like, in order for you to concentrate your interest, that reset filter for the purpose of water in the Samsung refrigerator are not required to be used in any way for the most years. If you have a freezer with you, which has not been used for a certain period, replace it with the latest filter reset, first of all rather than save water or ice.

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Changing The Water Filter Of Your Samsung Refrigerator 

Since the water filter reset pointer is directly related to the functions of the water filter reset, we need to talk about this. A special filter for the Samsung refrigerator is necessary to supply non-hazardous, as well as the purest drinking water or ice.

For this reason, the brand advises changing it every 6 months or even earlier due to the properties of water in your region.

The first step in order to replace the filter reset is the installation of one or another special Samsung water purification filter, which will be connected together with your samsung refrigerator.

There are 3 types of Samsung water filters: HAF-CIN, HAF-QIN and HAFCU1, and also, as a rule, you can find out about it by referring to the user manual attached to your Samsung freezer.

The choice depending on the locality will also give you the opportunity to find out where a special filter reset for water purification is located. It goes without saying that the procedure for manufacturing the newest filter reset will be different due to modification.

At the same time, however, I would like to emphasize that replacing the water filter reset in the Samsung freezer is quite elementary and also takes a number of minutes.

You must try to do this soon after, as the sign will be purple or orange in color, in order to constantly have access to the cleanest supply here.

Steps To Replace The HAF-CIN and HAF-QIN Filters 

See the ordinary operations that you can perform in order to change the special filter reset for the purpose of water in Samsung fridge modifications equipped with HAF-CIN and HAF-QIN reset the filter light:

  • Proceed together with shutting off the water supply and also establishing the location of the reset the filter light for the purpose of water.
  • Remove the tire and also wrap the old reset the filter light in spite of the watchman arrows in order to unlock its state.
  • Next, pull the reset the filter light in yourself in order to get it from the building.
  • Now place the newest reset the filter light in an unobstructed role by dropping the safety cap.
  • It will be necessary for you to induce the new filter directly to its body.
  • You will make this effect by wrapping a new filter according to the watchman arrow in order to fix its condition.
  • Make sure that the lock sign in the new filter converges with the pointer line.
  • After the filter design, put the compartment tire back into the role.
  • In addition, connect the water supply so that the dispenser receives.
  • Finish the procedure by throwing off the newly installed filter pointer with the goal of water.

Steps To Replace The HAFCU1 Filter 

The following are the operations that you can perform to replace the water filter in Samsung fridge equipped with a HAFCU1 filter:

  1. First for samsung fridge, you need to turn off the water supply to eliminate losses. ant. income
  2. Find a special reset filter light for samsung fridge for water purification.
  3. You will be able to remove the previous special filter for samsung fridge by wrapping it on the left side to unlock its state.
  4. Now lower the special filter alarm light to remove for samsung fridge it from the building.
  5. Then install the latest special filter reset light in the housing of the unit
  6. Push it up and also wrap it on the right side.
  7. Make sure that a special filter reset light is defined
  8. The pointer on the filter housing must match the notch on the upper rim.
  9. Complete the procedure by turning on the water supply again
  10. Drop the filter pointer to complete the procedure
  11. After manufacturing the latest red filter icon, Samsung recommends measuring or throwing out the initial rows of liters of water. This can help to remove all kinds of blockages or airspace located there in the concept from the previous samsung refrigerator filter.

Chapter FAQs

How do you reset water filter on Samsung refrigerator?

To reset the replacement indicator, press and hold its alarm/HOLD button for 3 seconds.

How do I reset my water filter indicator?

How to Reset a Refrigerator Look inside your refrigerator and replacement warning light the temperature control switch. Turn the temperature control wheel down to zero or switch to “Off” if you have a digital display. Move your refrigerator away from the wall. Unplug the refrigerator cord from the wall outlet.

Why is my filter light still red on my Samsung refrigerator?

The Filter light turns red to let you know when it is time to change your water filter cartridge. To give you time to get a new filter seating the red light notification comes on just before the capacity of the current filter runs out.

Why won’t my filter light reset on my Samsung refrigerator?

If the indicator still does not reset, call a specialist to service the filtration system. After replacing the filter with a new one, the indicator should light up blue again. If the red filter indicator on your Samsung refrigerator ice maker button does not go out, there is a way to force a reset.


That’s all we had to tell you about resetting the water filter indicator on your Samsung refrigerator. We hope that our informative guide will help you to reinstall the indicator after installing a new water filter.

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