How to reset water filter on Samsung fridge

Samsung refrigerators are known for their stable work and reliability.  Most fridges have a water filter light, which notifies you when you have to change the Samsung refrigerator filter.

How to reset water filter on Samsung fridge

How to reset water filter on Samsung fridge

In this article, we will guide you through resetting the Samsung refrigerator filter light and explain the main problems you might experience while changing the filter.

How do I reset my Samsung refrigerator after changing the water filter?

Usually, the filter indicator light turns red after half a year. It is the maximum time you can use the filter, then it has to be replaced.

Even if you do not use that much water throughout the months, the Samsung refrigerator water filter light will still turn of. It can be quite frustrating.

How to reset water filter on Samsung fridge

The process of resetting the Samsung water filter light is quite simple on most Samsung fridges. The Samsung refrigerator filter light is usually placed at the right top corner of the Samsung fridge.

Hold the filter reset button down for two to three seconds to reset it.

If you can’t find the water filter light button, please read the manual for your specific model of the Samsung fridge. The process may be slightly different.

How does the water filter indicator light work?

1. Blue/green light on a samsung fridge

While the filter is still fairly new and working fine purifying the water, the water filter light will be blue or green. The color of the light on a Samsung fridge depends on the model.

2. Orange light on a samsung fridge

After 5 months of use, the refrigerator’s water filter light turns orange, which means you used about five hundred gallons of water and will have to replace it with a new filter in a month.

3. Red light on a samsung FRIDGE

Changing the color to red means the water filter has to be replaced and the filter reset.

In the region with hard water, the water filter has to be replaced after three to four months, though, the average time is about six months or six hundred gallons of water.

How do you reset a refrigerator after changing water filter?

As previously said the indicator button is usually placed on the front panel of your Samsung refrigerator. If that is not the case, check out the manual for the model you have. The filter reset button is usually called “Water filter” or “Ice/Water”.

After holding this button for a couple of seconds, the filter light will change from red to blue or green. But that can vary from model to model.

What are the main control buttons called, depending on the Samsung refrigerator models:

  • WATER FILER button
  • ICE/WATER button
  • ICE-MAKER button
  • CRUSHED ICE button
  • CRUSHED/HOLD button
  • ICE TYPE/WATER button
  • ALARM/HOLD button

The process of resetting the filter indicator light in the most popular Samsung refrigerator models

1. Samsung refrigerator RF28K9070SR

To reset the Samsung refrigerator filter light on this model, you have to press and hold for three seconds the ICE-MAKER button.

2. Samsung refrigerator RF28K9070SR/AA

The filter reset button in this model is called a CRUSHED ICE button. Press and hold it down to clear the light notification.

3. Samsung refrigerator RF23J9011SG/AA

This model has a CRUSHED/HOLD filter reset button which you need to press and hold for three seconds. After that, the red color will turn off.

4. Samsung refrigerator RF263BEAESR

If this model of the refrigerator will not reset automatically, you must try the following process:

Step 1

Push the ICE TYPE/WATER button for three seconds

Step 2

Press the REFRESHNER light seven times within fifteen seconds

Step 3

The light will flash once

5. Samsung refrigerator RF260/BEAESR/AA

The process of resetting the Samsung refrigerator filter light on the refrigerator with a French door is a bit different from others. For the refrigerators with interior control panels:

· To deactivate the filter alarm light, hold the ALARM/HOLD button for three seconds after replacing a water filter

The process for refrigerators with exterior control panels:

· The FRIDGE+POWER COOL buttons have to be pushed at the same time for a duration of three seconds

6. Samsung refrigerator DA29-00003G

The filter reset icon locates on the ice maker panel. Hold the ALARM/HOLD button for a couple of seconds, then release it.

7. Samsung refrigerator RF24R7201SR/AA

The warning signal on this fridge can be deactivated by holding the actual FILTER RESET button down for three seconds.

8. Samsung refrigerator RF23J9011SR

This model number refrigerator has a CRUSHED/HOLD button. The water filter alarm can be switched off by holding it down for three seconds.

To reset “filter not functioning” error push the NORMAL DISPENSE and CRUSHED/HOLD buttons simultaneously.

9. Samsung refrigerator RF28R7351SG

This instruction applies to almost all 4-door refrigerators. You have to hold down the CRUSHED LIGHT INDICATOR to reset the indicator light notification.

10. Samsung refrigerator SRF719DLS

The CRUSHED/HOLD button is used for resetting. When the warning filter reset light comes up, press and hold the button for a couple of seconds.

11. Samsung refrigerator RF22K9381SR

The process of filter reset is easy for this model. You just press and hold the FILTER RESET button for three seconds.

How do you reset the water filter on a Samsung refrigerator RF28R7201SR?

When the replacement warning light turns red, change the water filter and reset the filter light. For clearing the Samsung refrigerator filter light, please locate the red filter icon that says ICE MAKER, then push it down for a few seconds until the light changes color to green.

Troubleshooting the common problem

Is the refrigerator replacement warning light still on even after performing the filter reset procedure?

If you have changed the filter and reset the filter light, but the filter reset light is not changing to blue or green, that is what you have to do:

  • Check all the buttons on the fridge. The control panel has to be unlocked, otherwise, the process of resetting the light will not work. If you do not know how to unlock the buttons, please refer to the Samsung refrigerator manual on how to do it.
  • Check the actual water filter installed. It has to be the right model and the genius product.
  • Check the installation of the water filter, and whether it is done properly and clipped into the compartment correctly.

There is another problem – how to get a stuck water filter out of the refrigerator? How to solve it, read here.


Do I still have to replace the Samsung refrigerator water filter if I did not use much water or ice?

The filter light will turn red after approximately 6 months or 600 gallons of water used. If you do not use that much water, keep the filter in and just reset filter light. In order to do so, follow the commonly used process:

. Locate the FILTER RESET indicator on the panel of the refrigerator
. Push and hold it down for three seconds

The red filter icon will turn blue or green, depending on the model of the fridge.

It is recommended to change the Samsung refrigerator water filter frequently to avoid limescale forming.

What do I do if the water tastes differently, but the water filter light is not red yet?

In regions with hard water with a high level of limescale, the filter has to be changed every three to four months.

Once you have noticed that the water smells or tastes funny, or has some particles in it, that means the filter has to be changed regardless of the color of the filter light.

Take the Samsung refrigerator filter changing process seriously to ensure you have clean and safe drinking water.

Do not forget to clean the dispenser frequently to remove all dust and dirt that can affect the quality of water as well.

How do I reset the filter on my Samsung Smart Hub refrigerator?

The process of the Samsung refrigerator water filter reset is pretty straightforward but it depends on the model of your refrigerator. If it doesn’t reset automatically, use the most commonly used method to reset filter light. Press and hold down the RESET FILTER button for two to three seconds until the red light changes to blue or green.

If the red warning light is still on after you have reset filter light, you might consider following the troubleshooting steps described in this article. Another option is to refer to the manual for your refrigerator.

What should you check if you replaced the Samsung refrigerator filter and reset the filter light, but it is still red?

This might happen because of a number of reasons. Firstly, check the model of the new filter. It has to be compatible with the model of your refrigerator and be legitimate.

Secondly, please check the seating of the newly installed filter. It has to be positioned correctly and stay in firmly.

Lastly, most Samsung refrigerators have a control panel lock button. It has to be unlocked, otherwise, the reset of the water filter will not be performed. In most cases, this is the main reason for the filter light still staying red.

To unlock the controls, you just have to hold the flashing LOCK button for three seconds and to perform the filter reset process. For more detailed instructions, refer to the Samsung manual.

The final words

We hope we have answered the main questions about how to reset the filter light on Samsung refrigerators.  As easy as it might look, it has its own quirks you have to consider.

The process varies from model to model. If you have not found your refrigerator model in this article, you should try the most commonly used methods of filter reset outlined above. In any unknown situation, please refer to the manual.

If you still have questions left, please leave them in the comments below. Share the article with people who are searching for instructions on how to reset filter light on Samsung fridges.

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