How to set up berkey water filter?

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, then you need a good water purifier. Another big step along the way will be the purchase of a water purification system. To improve your health, you need to drink more water, it is imperative that it is not only clean and healthy, but also tasty.

Water is vital to our body, After all, humans are 80% water.

Why is clean and filtered water so important?

Water provides the body not only with energy, but also acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord, as well as regulating body temperature. If you do not drink enough good water, then headaches can begin.

But when we try to do something healthy like drinking more water, if it is full of nitrites, chlorine and other pollutants, it is bad for our health.

That’s why it’s so important to drink clean water! To do this, you need to either buy bottled water or buy a water purifier. The filter seems like the obvious choice because it’s more economical. Bottled water also contributes to environmental pollution.

How to set up berkey water filter

So, how do you make the right choice?

It all depends on what you want to water filter and what your budget is. Reverse osmosis, water filter jugs, faucet, and many more.

Some of these systems can be very expensive. The Berkey water filter is economical, removing a large amount of harmful substances.

But be prepared that installing fluoride filters is a rather complicated process
How to set up berkey water filter

A little about the Berkey filtration system:

  1. Stainless steel construction. Berkey water filter assembly is extremely durable and will not rust. It can last forever and is easy to clean.
  2. Removes a lot of harmful substances that can pollute our drinking water.
  3. Portable. Berkey water filter this countertop, and if necessary, it can be moved to different places. You can also take it with you on vacation or hiking. Remember to handle filters carefully.
  4. Reduces waste.
  5. Beneficial minerals are not removed.
  6. Can purify water from any source. Berkey can any water source, including ponds and streams, but this may shorten the life.
  7. Lasts a very long time.
How to set up berkey water filter

Helpful tips for setting up a Berkey water system:

  • Before putting it all together, clean and wash the stainless steel canisters.
  • Fill filters before installing them, otherwise your water will slowly.

Berkey Water Filter Assembly Instructions:

It only takes 10 minutes to assemble! Let’s define step by step and we’ll set everything together in no time! Unpack the Berkey water filter elements and parts from the protective packaging, checking each element against the diagram.

Follow the instructions supplied with the Berkey filters, to fill them up and prepare them for use.

Wash your hands before continuing. And make sure there is no contamination of the components.

Step 1. Silicone ring

Place the black silicone ring on the bottom of the Berkey bottom chamber. The rubber ring supports and prevents the from slipping.

Step 2. Install the handle on the lid berkey filter

Be careful when unscrewing the small screw from the handle, you may lose the small washer. Using a small screwdriver, lean a tiny washer over the screw and screw the knob well until it stops. Be careful not to overtighten the handle.

Step 3. Install the stainless steel spigot

You will have a both the plastic if you just bought a regular Berkey. If you have a set, then one will be stainless steel spigot. It doesn’t matter if you use a stainless steel or plastic spigot, the installation is the same. But there is still a difference.

It lies in the fact that the plastic pipe has plastic fittings, and the steel one has stainless steel parts. Besides, The plastic case has no metal covers. That’s all the difference.

. Look at the two metal parts that look like washers and remove the blue plastic from them.
. Place the metal ring on the spigot with the round part closer to the spigot.
. Then put the silicone gasket on the nozzle. This will give a good seal on Berkey, and you won’t have a leak.
. Then, insert the tube with nozzle into the hole in the lower canister.
. You have another silicone gasket. Place it in the socket on the inside, and then fasten the metal ring so that the wider part is as close to the silicone as possible.
. Connect the metal nut to the tube and tighten it. Be sure to make sure it is well tightened. If your starts to leak, the nut is not tight enough.

Step 4 Install the filter elements

Now we need to install the carbon filters. The package already includes filter elements. Make sure the filters are full before installation.

How to set up berkey water filter
How to set up berkey water filter

How to fill in the black berkey filter?

  1. Remove the wing nut and washer from the top chamber.
  2. Place the filling element on the pipe where the water should come from.
  3. Slowly turn on the water.
  4. Press the with the filling part to the faucet. Water should flow from all small pores.
  5. Hold the with fill button under running water until all the water has drained out. After you make sure the filters are full, place a large seal on the threaded rod of the element. Place the filter element tube down through one of the holes in the top chamber. Fix the filter by screwing the nut onto the stem outside the bottom chamber. Don’t overtighten it as you risk stripping the screw. Do the same for the other filters.
  6. Close the additional openings with black carbon filters or blocking plugs. The essence of the cork is to prevent unfiltered water from entering the lower chamber of the filtration system. You have several options to close the holes:
    • Add more black carbon filters to the remaining holes. Filtering will be much faster.
    • Screw in the white blocking plugs as far as they will go. They are included in the package. You won’t have any problems with filtration speed even with two filters, but to be sure that none of the filter element are damaged, you can run a red dye test.
  7. Test the Berkey Water Filtration System
    • Pour some water into the upper chamber. Look, all filters and plugs must be installed correctly and water does not flow out of there.
    • Lift it up and make sure that water is flowing through the system and dripping through the tubes.
    • If you find that they are leaking there, where it should not be, drain the water and tighten the nuts further. Do the test again.
  8. Completion. Connect the upper chamber and the lower chamber
    • Then fill them completely with water. Close the lid.
    • Wait to drink water immediately. Water should be filtered several times. You need to make sure that the sediment comes out of the filter.
    • So, we have finished the installation! Now, with filtering properly, you can enjoy pure, delicious water.

How to set up berkey water filter

How to set up berkey water filter

Test for red food coloring after you install the black filters in your new Berkey. Do not test ON FLUORIDE FILTERS! TEST ON THE BLACK FILTER ELEMENTS.
How to set up berkey water filter

Berkey Water Filter Red Dye Test:

This test shows if the Berkey water filter are not working.

Caution: This test is NOT intended for fluoride filters

This test on the black filter elements.The manufacturer recommends using only the red food coloring supplied with the new system, or artificial liquid red food coloring.

Other dyes and gels contain minerals and natural dyes that can pass through Berkey elements, resulting in inaccurate results.

How to set up berkey water filter

Before making a test:

  • Remove the Berkey fluoride filter (PF2).
  • Make sure the large sealing washer and wing nut are installed as instructed. The wing nut should be on the underside of the top chamber and the washer should be inside the top chamber.

Making a test:

  1. Pour out all the water contained in the upper container of the filtration system.
  2. Move the FLUORIDE FILTER to a safe place.
  3. Remove all water from the bottom canister and place it in a safe place.
  4. Place a clear glass of the same size under each black filter rod.
  5. Collect filtered water.
  6. Place the upper layer on the clear glasses, watch the water flow into your glass.
  7. Take any container.
  8. Now, add one teaspoon of red food coloring for every gallon of water in the top chamber and stir.
  9. Pour the red-colored water into the upper chamber. Black filters must be completely submerged in water. DO NOT THROW DYE ON THE FILTERS.
  10. Let all the water from the top container pour into the glasses.
  11. Examine the water in each glass. If the water is pink or red, the water treatment system is faulty and has not been tested.
  12. Check out the troubleshooting tips below.
  13. Repeat the test if necessary.
  14. If the water in all the glasses is clean, your filters are working well. You have nothing to worry about.

Be sure to empty the top container of red water before resuming normal filtration.

How to set up berkey water filter

The most popular Berkey water filter troubleshooting questions are:

Know that all water is not completely filtered:

Most likely, there is not enough water pressure to push the remaining water through the filter. This is because there is always some water left in the upper chamber of the system.

How often should I clean my Berkey water filter?

It doesn’t need to be cleaned too often. The system is only cleaned when dirty, or if you suddenly feel an unpleasant taste or notice a slow flow of water.

Water is filtered very slowly:

If you see and feel that water is slowly flowing , you should know that water will always filter faster when there is more water pressure in the upper compartment.

In addition, the berkey water filter primer opens the pores to let water in.
If it has not been completely completed, the pores will still be closed, and therefore the filtration will be slower.

You need to refill the filter and make sure that the filling is complete.

Not tasty water:

If you notice that the water has become not tasty or an unpleasant aftertaste has appeared:
– Do 3 flushes of the system to flush out the dust from the black berkey filter. When using Berkey PF-2 filters, make sure that industrial dust is completely washed out of these PF-2s, as this can cloud the filtered water and leave an unpleasant taste.
– To make sure they all work to specifications, please run a red food coloring test on Berkey water filter .
– Wash the Bottom part with soap and water.

If any of them fail, please contact the manufacturer or seller to send you a replacement.

Leakage stainless steel spigot :

If you notice a leak around the nozzle washers, make sure there are washers on both sides of the stainless steel. Tighten as hard as you can and leave the bushing 90 degrees out of phase.

Using a wrench, grab the nut from behind and turn the bush itself the last quarter of a turn, using it as a lever.

If the leak continues, then try soaking the washers in olive oil for about 1 hour. Washers harden and dry out over time, and olive oil will help soften them. This will provide a good seal.

If water continues to flow through the nozzle hole, contact the seller or the manufacturer, they can deliver a replacement nozzle to you.

Are there any downsides to a Big Berkey water filter?

1. Must be replenished regularly

Any model you choose will have to be constantly refueled. To some, this will seem troublesome, although it is done quite quickly, even if you fill it with a jug.

But all water filtration systems will need to be recharged unless you have an in-line system.

How to set up berkey water filter

2. High initial price

The Berkey water filter is a pretty good investment, compared to a pitcher filter, for example, that you can buy for as little as $15.

This is an investment in your health. And if you look at how long the they serve. And you don’t have to change them frequently like you would with a pitcher system. You will see that it is much more economical.

3. Takes up space on the table

Berkey water filter really takes up valuable countertop space. It’s tall enough to fit under standard overhead cabinets, so it takes a bit of creativity to find the right place for it.

Although, having it next to the sink is handy for refilling.

Because of the way the nose is arranged,you’ll either have to position it dangling from the edge of the countertop, or buy a stand and lift it up, which can make it harder to fill later on.

Tips on priming Berkey water filters Apply cold water if necessary. Typically three to four hours. It takes a few days, so you should wait longer to see what is wrong to be done.

How to set up berkey water filter

The pros of the Berkey system definitely outweigh the cons, but it’s up to you to decide what your needs are and whether the berkey water filter system is right for your family.

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