When to change zero water filter?

Ufortanatly filters are not living forever. Thats why for time to time you have important question:

When to change zero water filter?

For having all oportinites of zero water filter you should clear understande all stages what this depends on.

When to change zero water filter

At this artical we want to answer on the next questions:

  • What is the difference between ZeroWater filters and another water filtration systems?
  • What does it mean TDS meter? And why do you need this?
  • Will your ZeroWater filter works if you have a lot of TDS in your water?
  • How will your ZeroWater filter works? What is the main principle?
  • Steps for easy changing ZeroWater filter.
  • When should you change your water filter?
  • How many times should you change water filter?
  • What does it mean to make some cleaning for water filter?

What is the difference between ZeroWater filters and another water filtration systems?

When to change zero water filter

At first let’s talk about popular of ZeroWater filters. We suppose you have heard about ZeroWater filter from your friends or family. And might be you think why these water filters are so popular. Main secret of this filter is quick filtration. That means ZeroWater pitchers and dispenser make your water clean with a quick filtration technology, you will get tasty water after few minutes, also this will be without drips.

Another nice bonus of this water filter is 5 steps of cleaning your water in small body of pitcher. After 5 points of cleaning you will have not only water without contamination, but also with nice taste. Also in this steps of cleaning you will get fast adaptable ion-exchange technology

Now let’s review steps of cleaning:

  1. First step of cleaning is to reduce amount of dust, grit, and rust. For this filtration in ZeroWater is used grained filter. It will stops volume of mechanical contamination in water.
  2. Second step is the foam distributor, which can dispense all your water in water filter fir reducing more amount of contaminations, because of bigger area of water in the ZeroWater filter.
  3. Third step is  used multi-layer technology: activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy filtration. With help of this water filtration you can reduce organic contaminants (chlorine, chloramine, mercury, herbicides, and pesticides) and hinders bacterial growth.
  4. At the four step there is the comprehensive exchange of ion. The ion exchange reduce amount of inorganic compounds such as metals (lead, aluminum, zinc, asbestos), nonmetals (nitrate and fluoride), and radium.
  5. Five step is non-woven membrane layers for reducing very small parts of contamination.

In case of this five steps of cleaning, you can see that ZeroWater filter clean your water from a lot of different contaminations.

Also this filter is good on reducing chromium and lead, it has NSF endorsement which provides this.

This water filter is good at reducing total dissolved solids, it will reduce more than 99% of them.

Very often companies which sell ZeroWater filters give you TDS meter free.

And you can provide effective of water filters.

What does it mean TDS meter? And why do you need this?

When to change zero water filter

TDS means Total Dissolved Solids. That means solids of the earth which is getting from the grown and they come in water when it goes from pipes.

It is inorganic fractions which make your water low quality and not tastefully.

Some sellers give you TDS Meter free, when you buy ZeroWater filter.

Using this very simple, just put this little equipment in water.

TDS meter gives you information about dissolved solids in ppm (parts per million). This information will help you to understand how works your ZeroWater filter, if everything ok with it.

Will your ZeroWater filter works if you have a lot of TDS in your water?

The best way for understanding how will work your ZeroWater filter is make test of your water before using filtration system. When you make test of water you will see what contaminations it has.

As for ZeroWater filter, it has 5 steps and we can make you sure that these steps will reduce  dissolved solids from your water. What about amount, water filters can work with big amount of TDS.

But please notice, if you have extremely amount of TDS, that means that your water filter needs more time to take them. That’s why you need to wait for having filtered water. Construction of filter works on this way: water will goes through the ZeroWater filter and TDS is caching.

In case of how much TDS contaminations in your water, you can understand how many water you will have after filtration. That’s why best solution to make TDS test at first before using ZeroWater filter.

If your water has average TDS contamination (that means 002-050 points on TDS equipment), your ZeroWater filter will clean about one hundred fifty liters of the water.

Another situation if your water contains more TDS, (from two hundred till three hundred points on your TDS equipment), in this case your water filter gives you only fifty to ninety liters of pure and taste water.

And the most sad situation if the amount of TDS is higher the four hundred points, that means that your ZeroWater will provide you only thirty liters of filtered water. And also life of your water filters will be not so long as it can be.

If your daily water has extremely amount of TDS, unfortunately you will change your water filters more often. That’s why very important to be sure about amount of TDS in your water. Please make tests with TDS meter, look at the annual reports of your watering company. That will help you understand how often you need to replace ZeroWater filter.

How will your ZeroWater filter works? What is the main principle?

The main point of ZeroWater filter that it has unique technology of cleaning: 5 different steps of cleaning water.

That means that you have activated carbon filter for reducing pollutions from the water.

Ion exchange technology, water goes through beads of resin filled with functional ions (generally sodium), it helps you to reduce different dirty parts from your drinking water. The beads of resin take away impure ions. 

That sounds like big and difficult water filtration system in small pitcher of water filters.

But we want you to understand how does it works at easy words.

When to change zero water filter

At first one os useful filter options is ion exchange. That option makes your hard water softer. Main problem of hard water is to destroy your techniques and put soap pieces on you bathroom. It makes by removing amount of heavy metals at the water, such as magnesium and calcium.

These water filters are also good at reducing amount of dissolved solids in drinking water.

At jugs you can find special TDS meter, for understanding amount of the filter and quality of your water.

Zero water is good at reducing TDS at your drinking water, it can reduce more than 99% of these contaminations. Also zero water good at reducing lead which provides by US EPA protocol. 

Steps for easy changing ZeroWater filter.

Please find down simple stages how to replace your ZeroWater filter:


Get away cover of filter, after that remove container of your water filtration system. Then unpacked new one of ZeroWater filter and remove blue Get rid of the packaging of the new filter and loosen the blue cover, if this is required.


Make sure that silicone ring is enough close to water filter. Than replace old zero water snd put new ZeroFilter. Please check how is it close, because if it’s not enough, water will go through the hole. Than look forward the construction and see then water filter doesn’t take place above the Tighten the filter firmly to ensure an absolute seal.

Make sure that you don’t place the filter into the container.


Last step is utilisation old one. That put your container back into your ZeroWater filter Put water which you want to filtrate at the container and close the cover of filter. Please wait few minutes when tap water.

After that you can drink clean and tasty water after filtration of your zero water

When should you change your water filter?

The main reason for replace your Zero Water filter is changing of taste of filtered water. If you find unusual taste, that means that you had to replace your filter.

After several times of using you can find that water change this taste, because not delicious, also it cans have not nice smell. If you have that please replace your zero water very quickly.

However if you don’t have special smelling or your water is delicious as it was, but you don’t think that that’s is clean enough, please make test with your TDS equipment. If your total dissolved solids meter will show you 0,06 points, that means that you should replace your ZeroWater filter.

How many times should you change water filter?

In case of using water filter you have required times to replace your filter. They are written in instructions. In general you can find there periodically from 2 till 6 months when to replace Zero Water filter. 

Lifetime of your water filter depends of contamination of your water, The life of your Zero Water filter depends on your household consumption of water, the type of impurities in drinking water which you have and type of water filtration system which you daily have. In general you have meter, which shows you when to replace filter and how is it working.

If this meter shows you to replace it more often then required, you should do this, to have good work of water filter.

But it can be situations when you had to replace your filter immediately, such as special taste or smells, or you see 006 at your TDS meter.

In general you at most of models Zero Water filter you will find TDS equipment and you can check how works your filter. It is rather good than you can check quality of your water and efficiency of working water filter. But please pay attention than if it shows that it is time to replace filter, please do this.

What does it mean to make some cleaning for water filter?

Very useful for filtration system to clean it from time to time. Especially when you want to replace your Zero Water filter.

But please pay attention that you shouldn’t wash it on your water, because it will not clean your Zero Water filter

Please find some tips how to clean your filter effectively:

Step 1: Clean after using

When you finish to using it, please clean this with soft sponge, tap water and liquid soap

Step 2: Remove soap

Look through parts of Zero Water filter that there are no soap pieces

Step 3: Make filter dry

Give your filter time for getting dry at the air, or you can make this dry with paper sheets. Please don’t use textile. Then collect your water filter as we write before.


You can see that ZeroWater filters are rather popular and easy at using or installation. Nevertheless if you want correct working of this water filter you had to replace that. Also you need to check quality of water and efficiency of Zero water filter. But please see how much contaminations you can reduce and have clean and safety water from this portable pitcher.

This filter helps you to make safety your daily life for all family. You can use this for cooking or as alternative for bottled water. 

We hope you find answers at the main question: when and how to change ZeroWater filter. It is not very difficult and we supposed that easy tips will help you.

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