Why is my pur water filter blinking red after filter change?

Is your fresh water filter glowing red after a recent filter change?

Why is my pur water filter blinking red after filter change

Your problem can be solved, so do not rush to throw away the PUR water filter. Most likely your filter has encountered a problem that can be easily fixed! The pur water filter light will suggest several reliable and durable solutions that will help solve this problem.

To understand why is the polyurethane water filter flashing red, we need to know how it works and what lights are on your device.

First, let’s figure out what types of PUR filtration systems exist

  1. Crane systems. They are attached to the end of the pur faucet filter and supply clean water.
  2. Pitchers. They are stand-alone filters.
  3. Dispensers. More than pitchers. Can produce large batches of filtered water at one time.

What is PUR Water Filter?

Pur water filter light filters harmful substances and dirty particles from your water to make it safe. Pur water filter lights, removes chemicals:

  • lead
  • chlorides
  • mercury
  • iron
  • pesticides
  • arsenic
  • smells

Benefits of using:

  • Healthy, clean, drinking water.
  • Improves taste and removes odor.
  • Environmental Protection. With pur water filter for water, you don’t have to buy disposable bottled water. After all, environmental pollution is associated with the use of water in plastic bottles. They are almost never recycled and a lot of plastic ends up in bodies of water such as lakes, rivers and oceans.
  • Economically profitable. Using water pur filter faucet will save you money compared to constantly buying bottled water.

What is the service life pur water filter?

You must change the pur water filter depending on the type of pur filter:

  1. Pur faucet filters Basic – Every 100 gallons or 3 months;
  2. Mixer PUR MineralClear – Every 100 gallons or 3 months;
  3. Jug/dispenser PUR Basic – Every 40 gallons or 60 days;
  4. PUR PLUS Jug/Dispenser – Every 40 gallons or 60 days.

To save money and reduce the cost of the filter, you can buy replacement filters in packs of several.

What is the lifespan of a PUR battery?

PUR state that “after a few years of use” the battery will eventually die.

But in many reviews, people write that PUR light filter batteries last about 1-3 years.

Types of indicators in the PUR water filter

Filter light is an important component of a pur water filter. The indicator filter light will show when the filter works well. Pur water filters will also notify you if the filter can no longer absorb harmful substances. When the water outlet reaches the first or second mark, the light changes color and lets you know when it’s time to filter change.

Why is my pur water filter blinking red after filter change

Here comes the question! What kind of indicator pur filter lights are there?

Your PUR faucet filter now understands the different colors. Three colors may flash on the pur filter : green, yellow and red, or not at all. Let’s look at each of them!

The indicator on the pur water filter light is off:

The light should always turn on when you use the pur filter: green, yellow or red to indicate the stage of life.

Manually press the reset button for 3-5 seconds (tap = 3; jug/dispenser = 5) and then release. If nothing happens, then the non-replaceable batteries are most likely dead.

The filter light may not turn on due to clogging of the mesh filter with dirt. As a result, the system decides that your filter cannot work. Rinse the entire filter housing and remove any stuck debris.

Wait for the filter to dry and reassemble the system. Then hold the reset button for three seconds (for polyurethane faucets) or five seconds (for polyurethane jugs or dispensers). The indicator light should turn green.

Green pur filter light:

It tells you that your pur water filter is working correctly. The water becomes drinkable so you have nothing to worry about.

The color will also turn green after replacing the old pur filter. Sometimes the green indicator may flash, but this is not a problem. Your filter’s green light should flash six times when you turn it on. And also the green indicator flashes at other times.

Why is my pur water filter blinking red after filter change

However, it will automatically turn off to save power.

Yellow light:

The yellow light is a warning signal that the PUR water filter needs to be replaced. Soon he won’t be able to filter the water anymore. Only a few working gallons remain and the system will flash red.

Why is my pur water filter blinking red after filter change

Or the problem may be that the pur filter is installed incorrectly, make sure that the pur filter is firmly seated on the base. To fix this, tighten the screws around the edges.

Red light:

Why is my pur water filter blinking red after filter change

Red light indicates danger or malfunction. This is what we will talk about in this article.

Why is my pur water filter indicator blinking red light?

When appliances and other equipment are lit red, this is a warning sign.

The pur filter indicator may flash red, which means it’s time to replace the cartridge or purchase a new filter.

Turn off the faucet and unscrew the cap of your polyurethane block, remove the pur water filter. Install the new filter back into position so that the pur filter sits freely, and screw the cap back on.

Why is my pur water filter blinking red after filter change

Be sure to reset the electronic filter replacement indicator whenever you replace the system.

Why is my pur water filter blinking red after filter change? But you just changed the pur water filter light and you think the green light will come on. Unfortunately, it did not work and continues to light up or flash red. What could be the reasons, and what are their solutions?

  1. There may be traces of stuck particles in the pur filter due to for which it issues an erroneous alarm. To solve this problem, you just need to remove these particles. To do this, you need to disassemble and clean the filter with your hands and rinse it very well! For preventive purposes, it is advisable to regularly clean the outer surface of the device using a sponge and dishwashing detergent.
  2. Faulty electrical circuit: If the electrical circuit is damaged, the pur water filter will need to be replaced. To fix the problem, purchase or order a new one from your nearest PUR store.
  3. The reason may be that the pur water filter light is not reset.

Make sure the button doesn’t get stuck when you reset the filter. Gently pull it up and the button will most likely return to its place.

After replacing the fresh water filter, it may be necessary to reset the LED indicator. When the filter is almost empty, the red indicator will turn on, which means you are close to the filter replacement threshold. If the indicator does not turn green after replacing the filter, you need to reset the filter.

While this is fairly easy to fix, let’s look at the details because faucet filters come in both vertical and horizontal mounting types. With a few steps, you can eliminate the error.

Vertical filter mounts:

  • Remove the faucet filter and attach it back to the system
  • Using your index finger, manually reset the button inside the canister

Horizontal filter mounting system:

  • Remove the filter
  • Use a dry towel to wipe the cap and system
  • Attach the filter back to the system

Here you can read how to install pur water filter on pull out faucet?

Is my polyurethane filter OK?

Signs that your pur water filters needs to be replaced:

  1. bad smell
  2. floating particles
  3. dirt or black mold
  4. slippery water
  5. metallic taste
  6. scale formation
  7. low filtration rate
  8. very high filtration rate
  9. large number of gallons are used
  10. high TDS in filtered water

If you install a new cartridge incorrectly, the pur water filters will flash red.

When the cartridge is properly installed, the blinking light will stop blinking.

Instructions for replacing the cartridge:

  • Check if the filter is securely attached to the faucet. Otherwise, the filter may come off during installation.
  • Turn off any other water sources before changing the filter. This will stop water from leaking out of the house while the new cartridge is being installed.
  • Before installing a new cartridge, wet your hands and wring out the old cartridge. This is to remove any air bubbles that may cause installation problems.
  • Push the cartridge until it clicks into place, you should hear a click. The four corners of the cartridge must be inserted into the corresponding slots on the faucet.
  • Turn on the water supply in the house and any other sources of water.

How to fix a polyurethane water filter?

First you need to check if you have a faulty valve? Check the water pressure, if it’s below 20 psi it’s most likely it is too low for proper valve operation. If you recently replaced your water filter, try reinstalling the old filter and see if water is getting through.

If your polyurethane filter starts flashing red after changing the filters:

  • Look at the level of sediment in it. The water sediment is likely to sink to the bottom, therefore it is necessary to clean the coarse filter. Cleaning your polyurethane water filter will help you restore the filtration efficiency of your water.
  • It may be due to minerals or hydrogen sulfide in the water. You may have noticed a metallic taste in the water from your filter. To remove this bad taste, clean the filter as often as possible. Follow the instructions to keep your water filter in good working order.
  • If the indicator does not light up at all, the filter may be dusty. You can clean it up by blowing it out with a dental irrigator. In the worst case, you will have to change the entire filtration system.

After that, you must reset your polyurethane filter. If the indicator lights up again after a few seconds, your filter is working properly.

What other problems may arise with the water filter and their solutions

Air in the filter

Entrained air is a common cause of slow filtration in polyurethane filters.

If you have slow water flow, you are most likely dealing with air bubbles.

How to easily remove trapped air from a polyurethane water filter cartridge?

  • Simply remove the filter from the filtration system and fill the jar or glass with water.
  • Dip the filter in the water, making sure that the entire filter is submerged in the water.
  • Allow the filter to fill with water for at least 15 minutes, remove it from the water and gently tap it against the edge of the sink.
  • Next, turn on the cold water faucet and hold it vertically over the filter for about 30 seconds.
  • Clean the place where the filter is located in the jug or faucet. Make sure that anything that could clog or damage the filter is removed.

The filter is not washed before use

Be sure to rinse the filter before use.

The carbon particles inside the filter cartridge may shift during transport and this may affect the performance of the filter. If not removed before use these particles will most likely show up in the water as small black dots.

Some filter media can loosen during shipping, so filter manufacturers often recommend that customers wash filters before use.

Wash it out easily. It all depends on the type of your filter:

  • The easiest way to clean polyurethane filters for taps. Once you have installed the filter, point it to the “filtered” position and turn on the cold water. Open the tap for about 5 minutes, the sediment and air bubbles trapped inside will be removed.
  • For dispensers and jugs with a polyurethane filter, place it in a bucket of cold water and leave for 15 or 20 minutes. Next, insert the filter and fill the upper reservoir with water.

Wait and let it filter, and only then drain the water. Repeat several times to remove any remaining carbon particles.

Block installed incorrectly

Improper installation of the water filter will affect the flow rate. This will happen if you are replacing an old filter with a new one and do not click the pur filter properly in place.

This installation of the filter prevents the water from passing through the filter well. You may also notice a leak in the space above the filter. Also you can read about how to clean pur water filter.

So, to set the mixer filter:

  • Loosen the threaded nut and remove the filter
  • Unscrew the back cover
  • Insert a water filter
  • Twist the back cover
  • Reattach the filter to the faucet

How to install the PUR pitcher filter:

  • Place the filter in the filling tray,
  • Press the filter and turn it clockwise until it snaps into place!

Low water pressure

If you have low water pressure, this can reduce your filtration rate and slow down the flow of cold water.

You can increase the water pressure quite simply, you just need to fully open the tap and ensure a constant flow of water.

High water pressure

This is an even bigger problem for polyurethane tap water filters. High water pressure can cause air bubbles to enter the filter and reduce the flow rate.

Remove air bubbles from your filter by hand:

  • simply put it in a pitcher of water for about 15 minutes
  • then place it under running tap water in an upright position for 30 seconds

If the water pressure is very high when the faucet is fully open, be sure to open it only half way to prevent aeration. The water should flow smoothly, with no noticeable splashes or air bubbles.

Scale buildup in the pur water filter

Not only sediment pre filter can cause problems in the filter media. Calcium and magnesium, two scale-forming minerals, can also affect flow rates in polyurethane filters.

Calcium and magnesium naturally occur in water. If you have hard water, i.e. a huge amount of minerals, this can affect the speed and can form limescale over time. This scale is white and very difficult to clean. The more they accumulate, the more damage they do to your new filter.

The filter will need to be changed more often if you have hard water. Considering installing a water softener to remove water hardness will not damage your water filter.

Hot water

All PUR filters are needed for the production of filtered clean drinking water. But they are suitable only for cold water. If you are running hot water through a polyurethane filter, you can damage the material and cause a lot of problems.

Be aware that your filter is running very slowly due to heat damage. Conversely, it can run very fast because the hot water has created holes through which not only water but also contaminants can pass.

Do not use water with temperatures above 100°F (38°C), and jugs and dispensers with polyurethane water filters cannot be used above 82°F (28°C).

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