How to install a whole house water filter on a well?

Well water is a source of drinking for many people who have private homes. It is very important that the water is clean, fresh and nutritious. That is why it is important to have a good filter for well water.

How to install a whole house water filter on a well

How to install a whole house water filter on a well?

How to properly insert and connect the main filter-water purifier?


Get all the tools you need for work: a drill, a cutter, an adjustable wrench, a fum tape or tow, flexible eyeliner, connecting elastic bands.


Close the valve coming from the central cut pipe.


Check several times if there is any liquid coming from the tap.


Make a mark on the wall, the distance from the floor to the whole house water filter cartridge should be at least 15 cm. This parameter is necessary for easy replacement of the block. Secure the holder at the selected point.


Hang the cleaning structure. Use sealing materials.


The passport will indicate the scheme of the direction of the main water supply flow. Follow the instructions. Do not confuse the abbreviation on the fitting and position the flasks correctly.


After installing a whole house the equipment, you can open the faucet. Do not be afraid if the water flow starts to go in spurts, this is how it should be.
After all the air has left the whole house water filter blocks, the liquid will flow in a uniform flow. Add pressure in the faucet to check the tightness of the joints of the connecting elements. The problems will have to be fixed.


After repeated checks, you can start the whole house water filter system with plastic fittings. The first liquid should not be consumed, let the structure be washed for five minutes, and then use it for its intended purpose.

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How to choose a filter to install a whole house?

To understand how to choose a whole house water filter, follow the following four criteria:

  • Criterion #1 — daily water consumption

It is recommended to drink about 2 liters of water flows daily. Add to this amount 1 liter in the form of soup, tea and coffee, which are also better to cook with filtered city water line, and we get an approximate norm of 3 liters of water line per adult per day.

How to install a whole house water filter on a well

By simple calculations, you can deduce the monthly consumption rate for a family of three people:

3 people 3 liters/day30 days =270 liters.

By comparing the figures obtained with the declared resource and performance of the whole house water filter, you can choose a suitable model.

  • Criterion #2 — water quality without filter

What does not come to our apartments under the guise of tap water: sand, rust, algae, fungi, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, all kinds of salts, acids and bases – the list goes on.

How to install a whole house water filter on a well

Therefore, it is advisable to see the original picture before buying the whole house water filter.

You won’t find out on your own, unless you have your own mini-laboratory and you are a chemist. The rest will have to collect water for examination.

You can go to the sanitary and epidemiological station and take samples for analysis. Faster, but more expensive – private laboratories.

  • Criterion #3 — free space and price

Availability of free space — everything is clear here. Not every kitchen has space for a large-sized “sink” system, while an extra 15 cm2 for a jug on the table can always be arranged.

  • Criterion #4— the need for filter maintenance

Some house water filter system are designed in such a way that you do not need to contact the masters for full operation, everything is easily replaced and installed with your own hands in a few minutes.

How to install a whole house water filter on a well

The list of mandatory regular procedures includes:

  1. replacement of mechanical cleaning cartridges filter system;
  2. replacement of the reverse osmosis membrane or in an ultrafilter ;
  3. flushing the membrane ;
  4. valve flushing and prevention;
  5. refilling whole house water filters;
  6. restoration of the softener with chemicals (if there is one).

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What should be considered when installing the filter system?

When installing a whole house filter system in a private house, you need to take into account the following points:

1) On the pipe segment from the well to the whole house filter, you can make a branch through which to use water for technical needs and irrigation. This will significantly increase the service life of filters and reduce the cost of their operation;

2) For the safe use of cleaning devices, a dry run protection relay, a pressure switch, a hydraulic accumulator are required;

How to install a whole house water filter on a well

3) If the pump supplies water from a well with a pressure of more than 6 kgf per sq. cm, a pressure reducer is needed to reduce the pressure in order to avoid whole house filter breakdowns;

4) The electrical network must operate stably without strong voltage and current fluctuations. It is advisable to supply a stabilizer and an uninterruptible power supply.

The number of outlets or UPS inputs is calculated according to the design of the cleaning water filtration system. It is important to place sockets in such a way as to exclude the possibility of water entering them in emergency situations.

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Chapter FAQ

Can you put a well water filter on a well?

If the dense bottom of the well is not clogged with impurities and suspended particles, additional water filtration system is not necessary. In other cases, to obtain high–quality water, the installation of a bottom new filter for the well is a mandatory event.

In most cases, wells need a bottom whole house filter system device to purify the incoming main water line and improve its taste properties. Materials for the arrangement of the private well bottom.

Differences from an electromagnetic device

The magnetic filter for water purification does not depend on the power supply, it works independently.

And in an electromagnetic filter with pipe cutter, the strength of the magnetic field is achieved by means of an induction coil connected to the electrical network.

Waves affect the crystallization of water by changing the structure of salts. Such a device will only work when connected to the network.

Where do you install a whole house water filter?

Devices for cleaning borehole or well water filter from impurities require certain external conditions for normal operation. In addition, high-performance installations usually have large dimensions and it will not work to put them under the sink.

Additionally, it is recommended to provide space for convenient maintenance and repair of devices.
The best option is a technical room, the presence of which is envisaged at the stage of drafting the house. You will need about 2 square meters of free space.

If there is no separate room, a part of the technical room — boiler room, basement, garage – will do. It is also possible to install filters on the ground floor of the house or in a spacious bathroom.

In addition to the area for placing filter cartridges, additional parameters must be taken into account — the availability of electricity, ventilation, sewerage, lighting and heating.

Naturally, a pipe is needed through which well water is supplied from the well and the one through which it is pumped into the well water supply filter cartridges of the house.

Basic requirements for the place of installation of sediment filter with shut off valves:

  1. Indoor air temperature should be in the range from + 5oC to +38oC all year round, while humidity should not exceed 70%;
  2. The temperature of the filtered water should be from +5oC to +37oC, the pressure is from 3 to 6 kgf per sq. cm.;
  3. The underwater pipe from the point of insertion into the sediment filter to the location of the filters with bypass valve should not be more than 5 meters;
  4. You can use metal pipes with a diameter of 1 and ¼, polypropylene pipes with a diameter of 40 mm or metal-plastic pipes without press fittings with diameters of 26 mm, low-pressure polyethylene with a diameter of 32 mm;
  5. The distance between the upper part of the filter with shut off valves housing and the overlap of the room should be from 1.2 meters or more;
  6. The length of the pipes for draining well water and solution during flushing should not exceed 10 m, the diameter of the sewer pipe should be from 50 mm.
  7. To connect electrical equipment, a household AC network with a voltage of 220 V is required, the connecting wire for connecting to sockets should not be longer than 1.2 meters.

What is the best way to filter water from a well?

It is best to use a bottom house filters water softener for these purposes. Bottom filter water system is a layer—by-layer embankment made of various natural materials that are not eroded by well drinking water.

The hard water passing through the filter system with shut off valve is cleaned of debris, harmful impurities and suspended particles present in the well.

The bottom filter with shut off valve device is mandatory in the following cases, when:

  • protection of the bottom of the well from erosion is required;
  • the replacement filters is carried out under high pressure;
  • there is fine or powdery sand at the bottom of the well;
  • the well opens the quicksand;
  • protection of clog-sensitive pumping equipment is necessary;
  • the water level in the well is characterized by large differences, for example, during pump operation or precipitation;
  • the water quality is unsatisfactory: turbidity, sediment, unpleasant odor. You can read more about the causes of unsatisfactory water quality and ways to eliminate them in this material.

What kind of filter is best for well water?

There are 6 filters for well water in total:

  • mechanical filter housings;
  • trunk;
  • electromagnetic filter;
  • Teflon tape filter;
  • Coal;
  • UV.

We recommend using an electromagnetic filter with plumbing pipes.

The device contains strong magnets in the design. A constant magnetic field, interacting with water, makes it change its properties. The salts dissolved in it (calcium, silicon, potassium and others) change their structure, turning from spherical to needle-shaped.

When heated, the salts precipitate, but do not become calcite (scale), but are deposited in the form of a loose, easily cleaned composition. Such a “scale” is easy to remove, using little effort.

Water, freed from excess salts, becomes softer, it can be used not only for household needs, but also for drinking. A wide range of applications makes the device versatile.

Magnetic filters with electrical system are installed on:

  • Water supply of houses;
  • Irrigation systems;
  • Dishwashers;
  • Washing machines;
  • Water heating boilers.
How to install a whole house water filter on a well

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All the water needs filtration. Especially well water. To keep the water clean, you need to put a good filter. The criteria that we listed earlier will help you make the right choice. We hope that our article has given you answers to your questions. If you liked it, share it with your friends.

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